As the summer season has arrived, the desire to spend time with friends also increases. So why not go for a cocktail?

In recent times, this type of leisure time has caught on, becoming for many the moment to relax after a day at work. Is choosing the right attire for a cocktail party really as simple as it sounds? Obviously not.

As with any occasion, the right amount of attention must be paid to the choice of clothing so as to avoid style lapses that make us look sloppy and out of place. The first thing to consider is the mode of the event: is it formal or informal?

Once you have ascertained this, you can move on to the choice of look.

For a cocktail party with an elegant dress code, the ideal is to go for a blue suit combined with a shirt in light shades that picks up on the delicate colour of the clutch bag. To enhance the look with the use of accessories, if you want to maintain a classic style, you can wear the timeless Oxfords and a tie with a minimal design.

 Talking instead of a more intimate and informal event, the choice of look will fall on trousers made of light materials, preferably cotton-based, such as chinos, trousers known for their partially concealed back pocket; so as to transmit a feeling of comfort to the wearer. The ideal shirt is always a striped base, only it is preferable to wear one with dark coloured stripes. It should be remembered that if one opts for a shirt as described, the matching trousers should always be in a dark shade. In this case, the choice of accessories will fall on a brown suede belt and classic moccasins, also suede. 

Cleofe Finati, provides these tips as an aid in understanding what are the ideal choices according to the event you are taking part in. In fact, at the basis of everything is not the outfit but the confidence and trust a person has in himself and his own style. What we decide to wear does not define us as a person, but helps us feel more beautiful and interesting in our own eyes.

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