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The Cleofe Finati style

The stylistic identity of the company, which is reflected in the wedding suits and ceremony suits Cleofe Finati, takes up the meaning of the word from which the name originates.

The simplicity of the lines, combined with the refinement of fabrics and accessories, has allowed us to realize within the collections Cleofe Finati a young style, successful and able to meet the unique needs of each individual market. Thanks to this philosophy,  Archetipo has become over the years a reference point for the most exclusive boutiques of the major international markets.

The Cleofe Finati style

"Archetipo", a philosophical concept that shows the essence most pure and original for excellence in design and in our world it technically means to be able to "Take out" as much as possible without changing the fit and the lines that compose a garment.

The Archetipo production was created to meet the needs of the market, then it carves a space by creating a product that no one is able to provide by matching youth lines, unique style and a strong personality in high-quality fabrics that use only natural fibers.

Another Archetipo distinction is to allow the end user to choose personally matching fabric/model Cleofe Finati from a catalog of more than 200 exclusive fabrics, available for a full year after the presentation of the collection.

The availability of the garments Total Look Cleofe Finati, (jacket, pants, shirt, waistcoat, clutch bag, tie or plastron) ensures perfect integration of outerwear with accessories, and facilitates the choice because the whole complete is delivered on a single crutch . The proposal is accompanied by additional accessories such as shoes, cuff links, hats, belts, suspenders, etc., Also fully integrated with the design of the garment.

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