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Archetipo is synonym of commercial success. We guarantee a sell out that goes over 75% thank to two fundamental reasons: the high quality and the extremely exclusive relationships with out partners.

The strength points of archetipo’s creations are:

  • Young lines
  • A style that is close to the consumer will
  • Great commercial impact
  • Exclusive natural fabrics
  • Production 100% made in Italy
  • Total look
  • Fast and precise sorting
  • Quality control on every single piece
  • Direct relationship with our venders
  • Selling support, fast and efficient
  •  Strong and different image on Press

Our collections will allow your elegant female or male client, as well as brides and grooms to live an experience with garments that represent their imaginary , their wishes, giving them the opportunity to affirm that this is really what ” they feel theirs”.
This is given by a continuous innovation, a tailor made experience, a capacity that allows us to sell and listen to our clients, a strong creative will that starts from the creation of the fabric to the final realization 100% made in Italy of our brands ARCHETIPO, CLEOFE, FINATI and UNCONVENTIONAL.
Archetipo will be more than happy to insert your company in our network of retailers partners. The only thing you have to do is to fill out this form so you will have a total access to further informations of the complete Archetipo’s collection and you will be soon contacted by the sales director of your Country.
Thank you for your interest in Archetipo.

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