For your wedding, choose red, blue, green or's formal wear has never been so colourful.

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life and choosing the right dress is crucial. Until recently, the groom’s suit was synonymous with black or dark blue, but things are changing. Men’s formal wear is becoming more colourful, and there are many colours available: from red to light blue, from green to pink, the choice is vast.

If your wedding is coming up and you are looking for an elegant and innovative suit, men’s formal fashion offers you a wide choice of styles and colours. Don’t hesitate to experiment and choose a suit that reflects your personality and style. Remember that the men’s groom suit is the emblem of your big day, so choosing the right one is crucial.

Choose the colour that suits you:

When it comes to colours, the choice is vast: black, blue and grey are among the most popular and the most classic. However, there is no shortage of bolder and more ‘colourful’ colour proposals. The plastron, waistcoat, bow tie and tie are also available in many colour variants.
But that’s not all: elegant men’s shoes, braces, hats and pocket handkerchiefs are essential accessories to complete the look.

The proposals of Cleofe Finati:

William Shakspeare groom suit:

If your ceremony is planned for spring or summer, the William Shakspeare groom suit is the one for you. Belonging to the 2023 collection of the luxury line, this model is suitable for grooms who are looking for a men’s ceremony suit with a refined and fashionable style. In shades of green, the total look of this suit will make you fall in love:

• green silk groom jacket: a reinterpretation of Charlie Chaplin’s jacket. A two-button, single-breasted jacket with a plain collar and lapels of the same size for a unique effect. Completed by a dry sleeve embellished with four buttons on the cuff;
• green trousers in yarn-dyed silk satin with highlighted weave, without pleats and American-style pockets. The line of this model is slender and slim;
• green brocade waistcoat with highlighted weft. Its particularity lies in a jacquard design with floral references; the front in pearl grey and anthracite grey, and the back in green silk yarn-dyed satin.
• Cream-coloured shirt in silk satin and cotton: slim line, with inside wrist and outside collar in silk brocade. To embellish the garment there is a jacquard design with floral references;
• accessories: double plastron to be worn knotted on the outside as a tie or untied as an ascot; silk brocade braces on a green background; green brocade fabric belt to emphasise the waist; double silk satin handkerchief in shades of green; calfskin lace-up shoes in green with matt finish.

Alberto Moravia groom suit:

For an all-weather ceremony, the Alberto Moravia groom suit is the one for you. Belonging to the 2023 collection of the Wedding Couture line, this pink wool silk groom’s suit with a glamorous yet classic line has a strong reference to the dandy style. The pink parts of the garment combined with other light blue elements create a total look that will make you fall in love:

• pink groom jacket:
single-breasted model of boho chic line is wonderful both for a ceremony and to be reinterpreted over jeans.
• pink groom trousers: trousers with a classic fashion line with slim thighs, to be worn on any occasion, made of 100% made in Italy wool;
• light blue waistcoat: silk brocade waistcoat, perfect both to complete the look and to be worn alone;
• cream-coloured silk satin and cotton shirt: shirt with inside wrist, inside and outside collar in pink wool silk yarn-dyed satin. Its slim fit means that this garment can also be worn alternatively outside trousers;
• accessories: a pink silk satin plastron to be worn fastened as a tie; a double bow tie to replace the plastron for a more dandy style; silk satin and wool braces in shades of light blue, adjustable and with leather endings, a fabric belt to match the braces to emphasise the waist; a double silk satin groom’s handkerchief, and boho chic groom’s shoes in two-coloured calfskin.

Wearing Cleofe Finati:

These are just two of the proposals that Cleofe Finati offers to make the bride and groom’s big day unforgettable. Within its lines, in fact, the total looks proposed demonstrate the brand’s attention and interest in the evolution of men’s formal wear.
Among the more classic hues of dark blue, black, grey and beige, there are also bolder shades such as red, green, light blue, pink and purple. This vast chromatic scale makes it possible to dare and to create clothes that are revolutionary in terms of hues but of an established Made in Italy quality.

Let's summarise:

In summary, men’s formal fashion is experiencing a real revolution, with elegant coloured suits and high-quality accessories. Thanks to the men’s fashion collections, men can experiment with new styles and combinations, creating a unique and customised look for their wedding.

Remember: the men’s groom suit is not just a piece of clothing, but a symbol of elegance and class. Let us know in the comments which suit best suits your personality.

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