elegance, search for beauty and perfection

“A cultured man is he who knows how to find a beautiful meaning in beautiful things”
– Oscar Wilde –

The attention and care for the quality of the product and the details make the groom comparable to the concept of aesthete in the most elegant and refined sense of the term. It is in fact a man who tries to express his concept of beauty through fancy and classy clothing so as to make a work of art every moment of the day.

Very often the search for beauty and satisfaction appears as something ephemeral and superficial unworthy of research and attention. This automatically means that those who pay more attention to this issue are considered superficial and frivolous. Well, this prejudice is wrong: those who seek the beautiful in fact are more interesting and refined people, this is because the search for true beauty does not depend on personal taste as a thorough study of what is culture and art.

The modern aesthete as the aesthete of literature in the end is nothing but a gardener: he cultivates beauty with the same care and attention that the gardener uses for plants, and just like a plant the cultivated beauty blooms and is maintained even with the passing of time. Beauty, if true, becomes a form of genius that does not need explanations because it is a fact of the world, a joy that is maintained in all seasons becoming a possession for eternity.

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