Next to the luxury wedding trend, the natural wedding trend is certainly very popular and popular for weddings 2023-2024.

With a less traditionalist mood, the natural wedding aims to unite and highlight styles, still in vogue, such as bohemian with a slight démodé touch, trendy romantic or even country-chic.

The ideal colour palette for a natural wedding theme ceremony absolutely must contain the colours of the season:
– soft, delicate colours for spring and winter
– brighter and more vivid colours for summer and autumn

Ideally, you should find different colour shades to match the green and white tones. This is obviously for brides and grooms who want a natural wedding that follows the trend perfectly.

As far as the choice of location is concerned, those that most reflect the natural wedding mood are definitely locations immersed in nature or near the sea, so as to enhance the decorative elements within a magnificent setting with an unspoilt aura.

Opt for decorations with an apparently wild look: combine flowers with a substantial presence of foliage, the set-up will appear more dynamic and carefree.

Let us now take a look at two suits that according to Cleofe Finati masterfully embody the natural wedding trend:

Giuseppe Unagaretti groom's suit:

A sky-blue single-breasted men’s fashion line groom’s suit, perfect for a maritime location.

Fall in love now with the fabric, a sky-blue wool-silk satin. The satin weave requires the finest yarn because it is open weave. The Cleofe Finati signature outerwear fabrics are natural fabrics exclusive to the fashion house. They all come from the Biella region, where the finest Italian worsted fabrics for men’s suits have always been made.

Admire the men’s jacket, rounded at the front with a stand-up collar that can be worn up or down. Match it with a 100% Italian-made silk brocade waistcoat in shades of light blue and a fine silk and wool satin shirt with French collar.
Then look at the trousers, in the same hues as the jacket, with slim thighs that outline and emphasise your figure.

Then remember the accessories:

braces and fabricsash in shades of blue
Plastron double to be worn
knotted on the outside as a tie or untied as an
ascot. 100% silk.
Double bow tie to wear instead
of the plastron for a more dandy look
– a double pocket handkerchief to
complete the look and a pair of elegant calfskin
groom shoes with a navy blue toe
and blue collar.

Alberto Moravia groom suit

Pink single breasted men’s groom suit classic fashion line, perfect for a ceremony in a castle surrounded by greenery.

Look at the men’s jacket, rounded at the front with a single-button spear collar. And fall in love with the pink silk and wool fabric.
Choose the pink men’s groom suit trousers in a classic fashion line with slim thighs and match them with the glamorous waistcoat in shades of light blue. Don’t forget the shirt, in perfect boho chic style, in cream cotton silk satin with inside wrist, inside and outside collar in pink wool silk yarn-dyed satin.

Have fun choosing between a pink silk plastron to be worn knotted on the outside (like a tie) and a lively double bow tie, also in pink, to look like a boho chic dandy. Then remember the ever-present braces and fabric sash. Your figure will look sleeker and more elegant.
Don’t forget the double pocket handkerchief in shades of white and light blue, and of course the boho chic shoes in two colours, in calfskin leather

And you, which of the two men's formal wear would you choose for your natural wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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