Among the 2023/2024 trends, the luxury wedding is certainly one of the most popular.

Once again a must among ceremony themes, the luxury wedding is the ideal combination of classic and modern styles.

In the name of opulence, couples who choose this theme want to be the centre of attention on their big day.

The ideal setting for this wedding theme must be reminiscent of a fairytale world; locations such as villas, castles and famous historical mansions are ideal. To make the location even more ‘magical’, it is a good idea to hire a light designer.

Another focal point of this trend is definitely the triumph of flowers over foliage. Yes, there is nothing more luxury style than floral cascades and elaborate arrangements framing the entire setting. Even better if the choice falls on flowers in delicate tones, which go well with gold tones and the clarity of crystals.

Let us now take a look at two men's suits that, according to Cleofe Finati, are best suited for a luxury wedding:

Joan Mirò groom's suit:

A luxury men’s suit in the colours: cream, cream and white.

This regimental-inspired suit is perfect for a daytime luxury wedding.

The soft, delicate colours exude an aura of sublime radiance.
The man wearing this men’s formal suit appears bold but not overdone, modern and up-to-date, precious but not overloaded.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of this jacket fabric: a marvellous cream-cream plain brocade, which contrasts with a second silk brocade in white tones.
Unique and refined is the combination of the trousers in the cream-cream brocade variant, a trouser that you can use for a thousand different occasions, beautiful, personalised with an internal remise strap, in the fabric of the jacket.
Then, let yourself be enchanted by the cream-coloured waistcoat and the shirt in milk-white, two pieces that will make your men’s formal wear even more unique.

Remember to also choose:

• the braces,
• the fabric belt,
• the lace-up shoes,
• the double pocket handkerchief
• the plastron interchangeable with a double bow tie

Your total look will certainly make you the male protagonist of your luxury wedding.

Pitagora men's formal suit:

A dinner jacket from the luxury line in shades of blue and black, perfect for your evening luxury wedding.

A poem made of details and dedicated to you who live the search for beauty as a pleasant obsession.

A single-breasted jacket, to be worn strictly closed, with a shawl collar embellished with an eyelet decorated with a handmade rose-shaped brooch. The slim-line sleeve has four buttons on the cuff with open buttonholes.
The light play of the midnight blue jacket’s silk shantung is enhanced by the contrasting black lapels, breast pocket and flap pockets.

Match the jacket with the men’s tuxedo-style trousers with a side stripe to emphasise your body thanks to its perfect fit. Observe the high diplomatic collar of the men’s shirt, with a contrasting midnight blue silk shantung on the inside, the same as the suit.

Match the accessories too, so your look is impeccable in every respect:

• A matching tie in 100% midnight blue silk shantung or a refined bow tie
• an elegant double-breasted waistcoat
• precious men’s rose cufflinks
• black silk braces
• a silk fabric belt in shades of black
• a silk and cotton satin clutch bag in shades of milk white
• calfskin lace-up shoes in two colours: electric blue and black

Wearing this suit I would be the perfect luxury wedding groom with a hint of hipster style and a sophisticated yet innovative man.

And you, which of the two men’s formal wear would you choose for your luxury wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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