Are you ready to discover ideas and tips for the look of your big day?

In recent years, men’s suits have caught the attention not only of the various fashion brands but also of future brides and grooms, who, like their brides, are looking for a men’s suit that will enhance them and make them look like the absolute stars of their big day.
Here, then, are some ideas and tips that may be right for you:

1. Remember to follow the ‘basic rules of elegance:

These are unwritten rules that nevertheless make our look impeccable. Since no one is born learned, however, it is plausible to make mistakes, especially at the beginning. The important thing is to learn from them and become an impeccable gentleman. Let’s take a look at the main mistakes not to make:
Dinner jacket or black suit before 6 p.m.: well, unfortunately yes. Dinner jackets and elegant black suits are to be considered ‘evening men’s suits’. Given the wide availability of elegant men’s suits during the day, wearing a dinner jacket before 6pm is considered non-elegant. So feel free to opt for other styles, perhaps even choosing a men’s groom suit in more colourful shades such as lime green and sugar blue.
A tie knot that is too big or a tie without a jacket: these two rules are fundamental for correctly wearing this fundamental accessory of elegant men’s clothing. In fact, the tie is an inseparable element of the jacket, and its knot must be chosen very carefully, based on the collar of the shirt being worn.
The unironed shirt and out of trousers: wearing an unironed shirt gives a bad first impression as the ironed shirt is a symbol of freshness and personal care. As for the shirt outside the trousers, it is to be banned at formal events (such as weddings) although it may look cool in other contexts.

2. What to look for when choosing a groom’s suit:

If you have decided to get married, your elegant men’s formalwear must be:
• as special and unique as your wedding day, you need to feel beautiful and emphasised by what you wear, so that your love will be speechless.
Quality. The quality of the men’s ceremony suit is fundamental as it will ensure that you can use it even afterwards, not necessarily complete, preferring a cooler and more glamorous reuse.
• Your look must be a TOTAL LOOK, or a complete look with all the accessories: jacket, trousers, waistcoat, matching shirt, tie or plastron, braces, clutch bag, sash that outlines your body and of course a nice pair of shoes.

3. The main features of your wedding suit:

• the elegant men’s formal suit must absolutely be made of natural fabric (check the label) silk, silk/wool (for the groom’s suit) do not choose synthetic fabrics, they will make you look like you’re in a naylon sack as well as sweating a lot;

choose from Made in Italy formal wear (make sure it is truly Made in Italy), this ensures top quality;

check that the suit is sartorially perfect, it must fit like a glove. Trousers that are too long, oversized shirt sleeves and the wrong length of jacket will make you feel like a bagman as well as looking sloppy and tasteless.

These are the tips to keep in mind. For further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to write to us in the comments.

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