GLAMOROUS FACE MASK in 100% silk and perfect make up!

GLAMOROUS FACE MASK in 100% silk and perfect make up!

GLAMOROUS FACE MASK against Covid-19: perfect make-up with the 100% silk fashion cover face mask.

We know everything about reusable ffp3 mask, how to make a DIY anti virus mask … you have finally found the glamorous mask you were looking for! but now a great doubt arises:

GLAMOROUS FACE MASK against Covid-19: perfect make-up with the 100% silk fashion cover face mask! Choose our GLAMOROUS FACE MASK against Covid-19 on the page and read the dedicated article on our blog:

REMIND! Light products for the face and focus on the eyes. And the lipstick? If you really don’t want to go out without it, choose a long-lasting mat. Better a lip balm.

Against Coronavirus, to each dandy man and dandy lady her or his own glamorous mask! on the page


then let’s start from the base! a formula based on water, with a very natural effect. Indispensable to fix the base with a light veil of transparent powder.

Whatever your fashion mask may be, it does not matter if you also wear your man mask and want some color on your face or the whole family has chosen the mask in 100% natural fiber in silk. Please!! Never masks with spot ! please !

Well, once you have chosen your cleofe finati luxury face mask! , choose the color of the mask in 100% silk and ….. now you are ready to focus on the eyes.

We use a pencil or a cream delineator to be applied with the brush – for the eyebrows and to enhance the eyes, the winning choice is always the eyeliner, I personally prefer the black one, which can be applied on a base of light eyeshadow or the you can stretch by drawing a tip at the end of the eye. A valid alternative is a kajal with our dandy cleofe finati mask.

As eye shadows I recommend choosing a light and dark nuance, my favorites are golden beige and brown, which are good for any occasion but you can also risk a rust color, to be faded upwards, for a more incisive touch . Finally, a lot of mascara, better the long-lasting one, to be applied well to the roots and then with light zigzag movements along the lashes.

GLAMOROUS MASK in 100% silk and perfect make up! Do not forget the concealer, long-lasting, especially for those suffering from dark circles and bags.

Let’s not forget the light points, the best areas where to apply the highlighter are: in the hollow of the eye near the nose, in the center of the mobile eyelid and under the supraciliary arch.


Like your mask in 100% natural and luminous silk, so must your lipstick be: a more transparent and luminous lipstick.

A tip for the cleofe finati women who have chosen our glamorous mask: Prepare the base with a pencil that must be applied to the whole mouth and then dabbed with a tissue, then apply the lipstick by dabbing the excess always with tissue or apply a veil of powder on the lips with a brush, dab the lips with tissue paper and then apply the matte lipstick. In this way the lipstick will be fixed, it will not stain the fashion mask and when you remove it you will have beautiful full and colored lips.

In conclusion: go and choose the GLAMOR MASK AGAINST Covid-19, / masks create your perfect make-up with the fashion mask and read the dedicated article on our blog:

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