Why spending more for a DIY Anti-virus Full Face Mask when go for glamorous colored silk mask for less?

Why spending more for a DIY Anti-virus Full Face Mask when go for glamorous colored silk mask for less?


Why wasting time producing a do-it-yourself antivirus mask when you can have a glamorous colored silk mask with a minimal expense? Cleofe Finati is a family and you belong to Cleofe finati. In our social networks: Instagram @cleofefinati, Facebook @CleofeFinati Tik Tok: Cleofe Finati, we are with you every day and we immediately reply to questions, comments, exclamations, enthusiasms. Your enthusiasm is inspiration to create. Let’s laugh together. Our masks, our mask covers, ourAnti-virus Full Face Mask belong to our fashion concept Cleofe Finati. A  Full Face Mask is your second skin


Your best friend when you need to remember a beautiful memory, your smile when you want to remember a happy moment. We learned from well mannered people and international markets such as Japan how important the quality of the fabric is while choosing the protective mask and Anti-virus Full Face MASK or glamorous mask cover.

We repeat: Attention Attention Attention to the quality of the fabric!

Why go for a DIY Anti-virus Full Face Mask when you can have a glamorous colored silk mask for women, men and children with a minimal expense? You have the possibility to choose your colored Anti-virus Full Face Mask, your Anti-virus Full Face Mask in 100% silk.

You will have inexpensively a mask that is the top of quality. A reusable and sanitizable Face Mask.


What does sanitizable mask mean? AND WHAT DOES REUSABLE MASK MEAN? It means that it is made with a fabric that you can sanitize. Simply boil some alcohol and pass the sanitizable mask on the alcohol vapors first on one side and then on the other. Then leave it to rest for 48 hours and it is ready for use again, so choose three Anti-virus Full Face Mask and you will be with your colorful and sanitized glamor Anti-virus Full Face Mask every day.

With our unisex glamor Anti-virus Full Face Masks you will make a difference on the world.


With our colored Anti-virus Full Face Masks you will color your smile and the smile of the people you love. Also choose Anti-virus Full Face Mask for your friends and for the children you love.

For our days a reusable ffp3 Anti-virus Full Face Mask is not required, but a Anti-virus Full Face Mask that protects us but also allows us to oxygenate (by law, in fact, even those in cotton are fine, even more silk is a good choice and ours are double layer).


Ours is a mask to protect the respiratory tract being all in natural fiber and at the same time it is a colorful and glamorous face mask.

Choose and should you have any doubt write us also in direct on Instagram. and Facebook.


BUT let’s repeat it together: We (you and us) are belong to #cleofefinati family, 30 years of #madeinitaly 100%. 30 years we have been choosing ethical entrepreneurial commitment in the world. We taught this concept in our Italian schools and we showed them ecological manufacturing sustainability. We believe in investing in Italy, producing in Italy, creating excellence and educating our kids to give them a future. In a period like this, we are busy creating full face masks, mask covers and certified masks. Because we believe in safety, made in Italy quality and in the need for artistic beauty.

We believe in excellence and we find it in the highest quality that saves the beauty of our international colors. The colors inside each of us. The colors that are expressed through the Italian creative soul and its manufacturing. Cleofe Finati creates haute couture fashion textures that are seen as Italian works of art, in every fashion accessory, men’s fashion suit, men’s style detail and in this specific case also woman …. little girl and little boy !!!!! This is Cleofe Finati and this is what we want to be for everyone also with our Cleofe Finati men’s, women’s and children’s masks. Even at this moment, a pinch of color is necessary and beauty should be a must! The protective mask must be a sanitary mask. Full face masks must be made with fabrics produced with a certified and safe method, with fabrics that make you beautiful and protected. Stay safe! Stay glamorous! Glamorous full face masks can be a pleasant accessory and part of your style detail and enrich your outfits, as they have been in Japan for many years.

We have always been active next to you with an ethical commitment to true beauty. 30 years of ethics and a sense of responsibility. Given the situation we are all experiencing, we give our active and supportive contribution. For this reason we decided to be on the front line and to donate 5% of the proceeds from masks cover masks to:

“Fvg Committee against Covid-19” because only #unitisivince

and … come and visit us on our social networks:

Facebook: @Cleofefinati Instagram: @cleofefinati Tik Tok: Cleofe finati

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