“Excellence”, the new collection 2023 of Cleofe Finati

“Excellence”, the new collection 2023 of Cleofe Finati

EXCELLENCE 2023 by Cleofe Finati is a season that amaze an eclectic collection, blending different street cultures and dress codes, which oppose the statutory ideas of luxury. Freedom of expression has never been so intense.

All our ideas of taste are challenged. By trasforming vulgarity into an audacious elitism or into creativo provocation, eccentricity is busting with talent and originality. At a time when the rethotic of the anti-elite cultivates a relaxed approach to life. Changing our taste, overturnign classicism and redefining the codes of elegance.

Improbable mixes , elaborate over the topdetails are the opposite of classic beauty. What was vulgar yesterday is chic today. Every culture and each social class has its individuality and brings something new to our wardrobe. The ultimate snobbery is to look like no one else.


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