"Excellence", the new collection 2023 of Cleofe Finati

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, therefore,
is not an act,
but a habit.”


Be seeing beyond Cleofe Finati 2023.
All our ideas of taste are challenged.

By trasforming vulgarity into an audacious elitism or into creativo provocation, eccentricity is busting with talent and originality. At a time when the rethotic of the anti-elite cultivates a relaxed approach to life. Changing our taste, overturnign classicism and redefining the codes of elegance.

Improbable mixes , elaborate over the topdetails are the opposite of classic beauty. What was vulgar yesterday is chic today. Every culture and each social class has its individuality and brings something new to our wardrobe. The ultimate snobbery is to look like no one else.

EXCELLENCE 2023 by Cleofe Finati is a season that amaze an eclectic collection, blending different street cultures and dress codes, which oppose the statutory ideas of luxury. Freedom of expression has never been so intense.

Cleofe Finati FABRICS PREVIEW 2023

Evolving lifestyles – our S/S 2019 mens color themes draw on the powerful and wide-ranging reactions instigated by boundless global events. These reactions are explored through the following palettes, which range from the dark and melancholy to comforting, nostalgic references and brighter, more helpful tones.

A series of off-whites, neutral putties and clay tones from a fresh base for the new season, drawing on the renewed interest paid to vegetable fibres and dyes. Organic taupes and wide-ranging greend build on the natural bases. Pink continue to lay roots within menswear, cropping up throughout the season in tones that range from brick-dust to sugared pastels and magenta.

This feeling of lightness and fluid fabrications is also translated in a more literal sense as textural, shadowy prints and moiré effects that play with light feature as key print and pattern directions. This is a theme that runs throughout the season as textural interest and non-print prints dominate over rigid print themes HAND PAINTED.

IMAGININGS - EXCELLENCE 2023 by Cleofe Finati

Deep blues and whites offer a sophisticated base of an energetic palette of toy-like, brights, which draw on the growing need to nurture childlike expressionism and creativity. Fabrics and prints that subly rework established designs highlight a creative, tongue-incheek attitude.

Simple graph paper cheks are calleged to create brainteaser type graphics, which support playful coloern blocking and biro-drawn lineas designs. An authentic, humantouch is found in hand woven jumbo twills and checke with textural, irregular edges, MATERIAL MANUAL BRUSHSTROKES.

SENSORY - EXCELLENCE 2023 by Cleofe Finati

An higly sensory theme focuses on tactile textures and a palette of warming nude pinks, putty-like neutrals and concrete greys.

Fabric interest draws inspiration fromarchitecture, with an emphasis on dry and mottled textures that come through in sueded and peached finishes. Laudered lLOBO-LIKE TISSUES and raspy, magnified weaves have the look and feel of timeless furnishing fabrications.

ESCAPISM - EXCELLENCE 2023 by Cleofe Finati

A theme that embodies total escapism is centred on a palette of dusty, gradutaed brights. Fresh color pairings are found in greens and lilacs and pale blueslayered with red-oranges and magenta. New season floral reinvigorateconversational shirtings and the Hawaiian shit is reinvented with a refreshed and smartened look and feel. Textured chambray lookd, subtle ombrés and washed silks contrast these crisp floral prints.


How to be unique? How to create surprise and newness in a satured market? To go forward, innovate or fade; standing still is not an option. Winning brands will have to push boundaries to be new and exciting.

For each brand that means something different, homogenization is bland. Brand will have to be self-expressive and unique.

Cleofe Finati knows its self and its roots and combine that with research into what is going on in the world on a lager scale.
Cleofe Finati understands people is the key of its success, it observes them, it understands their values and needs and respects them creating excellence. Cleofe Finati creates in advance the trend setter that would be recognised as judge of fashion and tendency. Cleofe Finati plans its conclusions in advance. What would people need in the future?

Brand + Intelligence + Empathy + Foresight = REAL INNOVATION

Innovate or fade.

Innovation is a necessity, not just a nice thing to have.

EXCELLENCE 2023 by Cleofe Finati gives all the phisical space and the freedom to encourage the innovation and to prepare the world for the future.

You can find EXCELLENCE 2023 by Cleofe Finati:

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Preview collection EXCELLENCE 2023 by Cleofe Finati

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