On March 3, 2021, the federal and state governments extended the
lockdown until March 28. However, at the top for the Corona virus they
agreed on an opening strategy with several stages. Among other things,
as of March 8, 2021, meetings of up to five people from two households
are again permitted in Bavaria. Children up to 14 years are not counted.
Wedding celebrations in the traditional sense are not yet possible for
the moment.

There are indemnities for deposits paid for locations, as well as
lunch/dinners etc when the authorities prohibit private parties. Private
celebrations are currently prohibited in Bavaria, restaurants and
wedding venues are closed. Only civil marriages are allowed under
certain conditions. For example: From 8 March 2021, meetings of up to
five people from two households are allowed – excluding children up to
14 years (from 4 March 2021). For a typical wedding celebration, there
is currently an “impossibility of execution” clause. As a result, for
example, the owner of the place may not charge you any cancellation
fees. However, this only applies to the specified duration of the
measures per covid. For example, if your wedding is scheduled for July
2021, the situation will be different. Because there are currently no
rules for July and related cancellations. This means that if your
marriage is banned due to an official order, ideally you will get your
money back in full. However, this does not apply to services that have
already been provided. You still have to pay for these

In general, since the beginning of July 200 guests have been able to
celebrate with the newlyweds in private celebrations such as weddings in
Bavaria. A maximum of 100 people are allowed in closed rooms. However,
if the critical seven-day incidence values ​​for new infections are
exceeded, the crown rules are further strengthened. The Corona strategy
follows a traffic light system. From 21 October 2020, the crown traffic
light in Bavaria has a fourth level with dark red.

Wedding celebrations are permitted in Bavaria. However, the bride and
groom need to keep a few things in mind. In the closed rooms there can
be a maximum of 100 people. In the open air the guest list should not
contain more than 200 people. However, this only applies if the traffic
light for the crown is green. This corresponds to fewer than 35 new
infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. The wedding
venue must have developed a concept of protection and hygiene and be
able to present it to the responsible district administrative authority
upon request. Such a concept is also necessary when the newlyweds
celebrate at home. According to the Ministry of Health, every organizer
must create a concept of protection and hygiene. and event hygiene
concept according to section 5, paragraph 2, article 1 of the Seventh
Infection Protection Measures Ordinance of Bavaria (7a BayIfSMV) Events,
in particular weddings, funerals, birthdays, graduation parties and club
meetings and parties, which are usually not offered to any public or, by
their personal nature, are attended only by a predictable group of
attendees, are currently closed for up to 100 attendees.

Protection rules The prerequisite is that the organizer has developed a
concept of protection and hygiene. It must be possible to present it to
the competent authority upon request. The content of this concept of
protection and hygiene should be based on the following points: 1.
Organizational matters
  Clarification of the status of the organizer:
  The organizer is someone who invites you to the event or otherwise
organizes the organization of the event and therefore it assumes the
  If an event takes place in a restaurant, the requirements of Section 13
of the 7th BayIfSMV apply. This also means that the concept of catering
hygiene is relevant and that the organizer does not have to create a
separate concept.
When using your employees at an event, the following applies:
  The concept of protection and hygiene must also comply with the
relevant occupational health and include protective and precautionary
  Furthermore, in this case, requirements no. 1 of the concept of
catering hygiene in the current version.
As a general principle, everyone is required to minimize physical
contact with other people and to keep the group of people as constant as
possible. Where possible, keep a minimum distance of 1.5m between two
people. Sufficient ventilation must always be ensured indoors.
  Ensure that the maximum number of participants is never exceeded.
Notifies participants that safety measures must be observed.
Application of respect for the concept of protection and hygiene.
Provided by the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care
Rights are constantly exercised against participants who do not comply
with the requirements.
In the event of a subsequently identified COVID-19 disease, the
identification of all participants and their contact options must be
ensured. 2. General safety and hygiene rules
  The following are to be excluded from participation in the event:
People who have been in contact with cases of COVID-19 in the last 14
  People with general non-specific symptoms and respiratory symptoms of
any severity
Participants must be informed in advance of these exclusion criteria in
an appropriate manner (e.g. in the invitation or by means of a notice).
If attendees develop symptoms during the event, they should leave the
venue immediately.

How to provide adequate hand hygiene:
Participants will be provided with hand sanitizing equipment: sufficient
liquid Soap, disposable towels and, if necessary, hand sanitizer.
All internal employees who may be employed are trained to wash their
  Sanitary facilities must be properly equipped with disposable soap and
towel dispensers. concept of ventilation:
  For events in rooms, the concept of protection and hygiene must include
the concept of ventilation.
  To ensure regular air exchange, the ventilation frequency must be taken
into account according to the size and use of the room.
All available options must be used for the ventilation of all rooms used
for the stay of the participants.
Participants are advised to wear a mouth and nose cover. Provided by the
Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care

These restrictions also apply, for example, to birthdays, club meetings
or business meetings. This can be found in the Seventh Bavarian
Infection Protection Ordinance (7a BayIfSMV)

  With the introduction of the coronavirus traffic light, the
corresponding requirements are now based on the current infection rate.
The current rules may therefore differ regionally. While previously
there were three stages of the traffic light in Bavaria, a fourth stage
was added with the government statement of Prime Minister Markus Söder
on 21 October 2020. The traffic light shows green, yellow, red and dark
red in Bavaria.

Permitted number of guests less than 35 new infections per 100,000
inhabitants: In the so-called green phase of the coronavirus traffic
light, the previous rules remain in force. In other words, if new
infections in the past seven days are less than 35 per 100,000
inhabitants, 200 outdoor guests and 100 indoor guests are still allowed.
Permitted number of guests from 35 new infections per 100,000
inhabitants: The number of admitted guests may vary depending on the
neighborhood if more than 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants
occur in the last seven days. In the yellow phase, only a maximum of 10
guests or members of two families are allowed for private celebrations
in both public and private rooms. The curfew is at 11pm. Permitted
number of guests from 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants: If new
infections exceed the critical value of 50 per 100,000 inhabitants
within a week, only a maximum of five people or members of two families
can celebrate together in Bavaria. In the red phase of the Coronavirus
traffic light, it doesn’t matter if the wedding takes place in a
location or at home. The curfew is at 22:00 Allowed number of guests
from 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants: The fourth level of the
Coronavirus traffic light appears dark red. So the seven-day incidence
is greater than 100. If a region exceeds this value, the same contact
restrictions apply as in the red phase: only five people or members of
two families. This also applies to private parties such as weddings. The
curfew is at 9pm. For example, both the city and the district of
Schweinfurt have an incidence of over 100 days a week. Since October 26,
2020, the city of Würzburg has also been on high alert in dark red. For
the district of Würzburg, however, the light is still red.

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