The value of uniqueness unfolds in front of this groom's suit.

A fashion that aims far with a look at contemporary codes and enriches the men's ceremonial suit with the essence of versatility and timeless elegance.

A luxury creation by Cleofe Finati is an eclectic marvel, it’s a long, tight, shouted embrace that brings together diverse cultures and social classes, uniting retro style with modernity, disrupting classicism, and redefining the codes of elegance.

The men's groom's suit in silk brocade

A groom’s suit with a profound sense of balance rendered by slim-cut trousers and a double-breasted waistcoat, made in the same exquisite silk brocade.

Observe how the tones of the waistcoat light up thanks to the precious interweaving of colored silk threads and buttons hand-enamelled in gold and sand.

Lo Stile

Nato nel nostro ufficio stile, questo abito da sposo uomo couture ha segnato una vera e propria svolta nel mondo della cerimonia, stravolgendo l’immaginario collettivo maschile.

Una vera e propria linea di collezioni moda si ispira a questo modello di abito da sposo uomo, improntata sullo stile e la moda riassunti in tagli sartoriali innovativi e contemporanei, nasce così la linea fashion d’avanguardia.

The Jacket

Immerse yourself in the heart of the suit and discover the jacket of the men’s ceremonial suit: a single-breasted jacket with two buttons, shawl collar with lance point, and a front designed by a sinuous curved line that rounds off the bottom.

The groom’s suit features a narrow shoulder, a high sleeve round with a dry sleeve adorned with four buttons at the bottom, and slanted pointed pockets to enhance the figure. A wrapping back and an elegant length. The peculiarity of the jacket is that it has a fit that is expertly finished by the same turned-over profiles belonging to the collar and pockets.

A gentle brightness envelops the groom’s suit in a tartan, 100% silk, composed of squares in gold, bronze, ecru, and lilac overlapping on light havana satin backgrounds. Read its beauty through the weave passages that compose textures and colors capable of offering depth options.

Accessories: tie, bow tie, waist belt and suspenders

A pre-tied tie introduces another color into the palette and reworks the jacket’s tartan through tonal and jewel blue squares on sugar paper backgrounds. We find the same gold squares of the jacket arranged on smoke gray backgrounds in its internal folds. A groom’s suit meticulous in every detail, it offers a double dandy bow tie made from the same fabrics as the tie to adopt a more relaxed elegance and be impeccable at every moment of the wedding day. Leather-ended waistband and suspenders rework the tartan, 100% silk, through softer and more subdued nuances like medium gray and pearl gray on salmon backgrounds.

For a touch of light, a milk-white satin shirt (51%) cotton (49%), observe the peculiarity of the shirt with the cuff surprised by small pleats and which offers the possibility of being closed with cufflinks or small buttons perfectly matched to the jacket, pants, and waistcoat buttons, while with its applications on the inside, pistachio green outside, and inner cuffs reveals a tartan composed of different shades of darkened lilac.

Men’s ceremonial suit finished with a romantic touch from the double pocket square, perfectly matching the tie with its gold, smoke gray, 100% silk tartan.

Completing the groom’s suit is a pair of lace-up leather shoes in tan and sand enriched with mud-colored trims.

A groom’s suit with soft and refined nuances that caress the body, dedicated to the groom who lives the pursuit of beauty as a pleasant obsession, pure poetry exclusively signed by Cleofe Finati.

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