L'abito da uomo personalizzato che presentiamo è un'opera d'arte sartoriale unica.

A fabric artwork capturing the essence of spring

The waistcoat is the heart of the artistic expression, hand-painted with intricate details and sophisticated patterns.

The shirt, also enriched with manual paintings, completes the ensemble with elegance and style.

Every stroke is skillfully crafted, creating a distinctive garment that reflects the personality and individuality of the wearer.

A fusion of fashion and art that transforms the suit into a unique visual and sensory experience.

Small petals painted with evocative material thickness

The myriad colors harmoniously intertwine, creating an extraordinary and three-dimensional visual effect. Each petal tells a unique story, while the blend of shades creates a vibrant and dynamic painting. This textile masterpiece transforms the fabric into a kaleidoscopic garden of emotions and beauty.

The unfurled lily petal, wrapped in a symphony of elegance, enchants with its glamorous presence. Its sparkling petals, like gems, reflect the light, even when brushed onto silk, creating an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. In every curve of the flower, there is a touch of mystery and allure, making the lily an icon of floral glamour.

The Style

Born in our style office, this couture groom’s suit has marked a real turning point in the world of ceremonies, overturning the collective masculine imagination.

A true line of fashion collections is inspired by this model of groom’s suit, based on style and fashion summarized in innovative and contemporary tailoring, thus creating the cutting-edge fashion line.

The Jacket

Single-breasted jacket with three buttons and high fastening, and a small shawl collar to be worn raised to enhance the body or lowered.

The sleeve lapel is high, and the sleeve is dry with an open vent. Notice the beauty of the opening at the bottom of this groom’s suit that opens at the height of the pockets, revealing the belt of the slim-cut trousers.

Observe the back of the men’s ceremonial suit, which shapes and enhances the figure, notice the two central cuts becoming tails and giving emphasis to the walk.

Let's explore the soul of the fabric

a brocade 100% silk that weaves green warps of different ecru tones in silk with warm and straw-like wefts for a surprising effect of golden green grass.

Read the beauty of the volumetric texture through the scratched effect of the weaves on the design, as if emulating the effect of ancient wallpapers that tell of a distant past.

A second, lighter green brocade 100% silk, paramount, wrist strap, and pocket strap enhances the figure and emphasizes the brocade of the jacket thanks to its scratched effect achieved only with precious silk yarns and the expert play of needle waste in the weft to the frame.

Observe the same green brocade 100% silk resting on the waistcoat and trousers with a slim-cut design with an inside belt in the same grass-green brocade as the jacket.

The excellence of groom's suits 100% made in Italy is manifested in the finishes and offers a surprise lining with the print of the "iris drop" design in the colors that characterize the Luxury line signed by Cleofe Finati.

Observe the chromaticity of the fabrics insinuating into the gunmetal plating of buttons, pins, and cufflinks, becoming true jewels, elegantly personalized to finish the look in detail and enhance the colors and designs of the groom’s suit with their cream and ecru tones.

Groom’s suits meticulously finished in the selection of groom accessories: a pair of lace-up shoes in green, in the exact same hues as the groom’s wedding suit, perfectly matched with a cane in light wood with a handle in a white tulip pattern. Complete the groom’s suit with an eccentric touch, a glamorous straw hat with a band in scratched brocade 100% silk in golden green.

A groom’s suit designed for the groom who aims to be impeccably stylish during the wedding day and suggests a double dandy bowtie, created in the same fabric combination as the necktie, to adopt a more relaxed look.

The perfection of Made in Italy style combined with the ability to innovate shapes the groom’s suit, a true magic that astonishes the world.

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