Queen Elizabeth and Philip’s message of love on social media: “It was simply my strength”

Queen Elizabeth and Philip’s message of love on social media: “It was simply my strength”

A sentence from 1997 to renew the gratitude for the deceased husband: “His family and I have a great debt of gratitude towards him”

“He was, quite simply, my strength and he has remained with me for all these years, and I, his whole family, and many countries, owe him a greater debt than he would ever have claimed”: Queen Elizabeth she entrusts her memory and love for her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died on Friday 9 April at the age of 99 in Windsor to a phrase from 1997. The phrase used as a public declaration of the bond with Philip was uttered by the English sovereign during the celebrations of their 50th wedding anniversary: ​​the choice now has been to publish it on the official Instagram profile of the English royal family (@theroyalfamily) with caption by a photo of the Queen with her late husband posing in front of Annie Leibovitz’s camera in 2016.

“The lord of His Majesty’s life” It never fails to specify, below, that “at the coronation of the queen in 1953, the Duke of Edinburgh swore to be the lord of Her Majesty’s life” and that “the Duke was a devoted consort (companion of the sovereign) for about 70 years, from the Queen’s coronation in 1952 until her death ». A sentence, this, that wants to archive the various rumors about his extramarital affairs that have circulated over the years and that have re-emerged on the day of his death.

“Tolerant” In the royal environment, Prince Philip would always have described Queen Elizabeth as a “very tolerant” woman, an adjective that has often been linked to Elizabeth II’s ability and way of always passing over the Duke’s alleged infidelity: are those who say that the sovereign would have been on the verge of separating 63 times but that everything never materialized so as not to tarnish the British crown. A life together, theirs, which the queen decided to remember with sweet words and gratitude for the Duke.

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By Federica Bandirali
Source: https://www.corriere.it/moda/21_aprile_10/regina-elisabetta-ricorda-principe-filippo-social-stato-semplicemente-mia-forza-58d8e3a4-99e2-11eb-8f2f-691166be1eb7.shtml

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