“Only fabrics made in Como. They SUCCEED IN MAKING the difference”

“Only fabrics made in Como. They SUCCEED IN MAKING the difference”

Fashion : The Cleofe Finati brand has been working with the district for thirty years.

“Very high quality and sustainability”
GUIDO LOMBARDI wrote the interview:  Since 1991 a staff of artists and
creators, who shares the joy to work together to achieve high quality
goals, makes formal menswear with the company named ARCHETIPO. It is
originally born in Gemona del Friuli, in the province of Udine.
A well-known company worldwide for the label Cleofe Finati, with
a solid partnership with the city of Como. Most of the raw material
necessary for the realization of the Cleofe finati accessories, and in
particular the silk,  comes from numerous Como companies.
Archetipo has always chosen to create partnership with Como companies. “We came here in Como at the beginning of ours path and we continued to buy here – explains Stefania  Vismara, general manager of Archetype – because we  have never chosen based on price but looking for beauty and for high end top quality for our cleofe finati products”. Expertise Numerous designers of the company have worked previously in prestigious tailoring workshops. Here they learnt the art to create, while others count experiences in the field of fabric, both in design and construction of the fibers. Since the beginning of the adventure entrepreneurial, Archetipo has
chosen to bet firmly abroad and in 1995 launched the first important
A masterpiece/outfit from the “Luxury” collection «Only fabrics made in
Como can make the difference” in the Fashion industry. Cleofe Finati
label has had a 30 -yr-partnership with the district  of Como. “Very
high quality and sustainability”. Archetipo company with the label
CLEOFE FINATI is firmly based in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium
and Japan. Since 1999 the company is also present in Russia, Denmark,
Norway, Finland and Holland, while from 2000 Cleofefinati began to dress
numerous characters belonging to entertainment or to sport who have
chosen a cleofe finati creation because of high end quality, original
style and particular colors.
Foreign markets International expansion is continued even later with the opening in 2010 of one showroom in New York and with the presence in numerous points of sale in France. Here the Cleofe Finati label was launched in 2011. «We love our work – Stefania Vismara said – and sets us apart creativity and attention to choice of raw materials:  our company has grown in close synergy with businesses of the Como area “.


In Archetipo HQ takes place stylistic, commercial and control quality of the accessories, while the production, strictly made in Italy 100%, is entrusted to professionals between Friuli and Veneto’s regions. “Our sector – the C.O.O Jerry Tumaku next to Stefania vismara – has been  affected by the effects of the pandemic and it has been one of the most damaged. There is nothing to be hidden about it. However – he continues – we managed to limit damage precisely because we have chose to bet, in times not suspicious, on the excellence of the products and on foreign markets “. Cleofe Finati outfits are
available in the Couture style (more classic), Luxury (with designs and
colors defined by manufacturers “Extravagant and high quality”) e
Limited Edition (creations made only fifteen units in all the world).
«Our fabrics –  Vismara says – are 100% natural and they come from the
best companies producers of silk, cotton and wool.


During the conception
of a new one collection – the general manager concludes -, Archetipo
believes in close partnership with customers. We listen to them and when
we create a groom’s suit, we believe it is fundamental the synergy
between the people who create and people who produce.

LA PROVINCIA, 4 ottobre 2020

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