The Cleofe Finati 2025 collection is called MERAKI, a word with profound and intrinsic meaning that can also be found in our company's great stylistic research.

“MERAKI” is the essence of ourselves, crafted with soul, creativity, and love.

“MERAKI” is a creative energy that fully involves us.

Indirect shines, like jersey or wool silk with the bottom coming out of the movement. Fabrics and creative lines.

Revisited classics return, with the grandfather’s trousers and the tied dressing gown.

Therefore, Meraki is “the creative instinct” that generates beauty and innovation.

Cleofe Finati presents: MERAKI - The 2025 Men's Total Look Collection

Revealing the Soul of Fashion: MERAKI

At the heart of every Cleofe Finati creation beats the essence of MERAKI. A word loaded with meaning, intertwined with the soul, creativity, and love that permeate every piece of our new collection.

A Symphony of Creativity

MERAKI is not just a name; it is a creative energy that fully embraces us. MERAKI blends indirect shines and precious fabrics, such as jersey and wool silk, all 100% natural as always, that come to life through the body’s movement. Our creative lines embrace reinvented tradition, giving life to classic pieces like the grandfather’s trousers and the tied dressing gown.

The Creative Instinct in Action

MERAKI is more than a collection; it is an experience. It is the creative instinct that generates beauty and innovation in every detail. Each suit, each accessory is shaped by love for the design and art of fashion.

Express Yourself with MERAKI

With MERAKI, Cleofe Finati invites men to express their individuality through the total look. Whether you are a lover of revisited classics or desire to embrace new trends, MERAKI offers a wide range of options for those who want to stand out with style.

Discover Your Personal Meraki

Whether you are walking the city streets or making your entrance at an exclusive event, MERAKI will accompany you with elegance and sophistication. Discover your personal Meraki in our 2025 collection and be inspired by the beauty and innovation that only Cleofe Finati can offer.

Press Contacts

For further information, interviews, or image requests, please contact: +39 3927875600 | sales@cleofefinati.com Stefania Vismara

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