Menswear: a journey into the world of fashion with Cleofe Finati

Like a blank canvas ready to be painted, menswear is an art form that allows men to express themselves and their personal style. In this journey into the world of fashion with Cleofe Finati, we explore the latest trends and innovations in menswear.

Welcome to men’s fashion by Cleofe Finati!
Formal suits and suits are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, formal events and gala occasions. Cleofe Finati’s formal wear and elegant suit collections offer a wide range of styles, fabrics and colours to suit every need. Among the most popular are the blue men’s suit, the black men’s suit and the grey men’s suit. But let’s not forget the bolder variants, such as the patterned suits and those in more delicate colours. Indeed, who can forbid the choice of a groom’s suit that breaks with the classic and traditional idea we have of it?! For men looking for a men’s formal suit, Cleofe Finati has a wide selection of tailored suits grouped in three different lines: Couture, Luxury and Limited edition. Our Made in Italy men’s groom suits, made with 100% Made in Italy high quality fabrics, are loaded with handcrafted details that make them unique and enviable for all men who wish to wear true works of art. From the most classic models such as the dinner jacket and the morning suit, to the most modern, Cleofe Finati has everything you need for the most important day of your life.
Here are some examples:

Men’s suit WIND:

Luxury glamour men’s suit/formal outfit tail coat line Limited Edition that profiles your body with one and a half breast and seven buttons, with mandarin collar, made of precious silk brocade on ruby red and ink black nuances, 100% made in Italy.


Glamorous luxury men’s suit with a three-button single-breasted collar with a kissing lapel collar made of burgundy blue brocade 100% made in Italy.


Ochre and blue single-breasted men’s groom suit classic fashion line to be worn on any occasion made of 100% made in Italy wool and silk satin.


Navy blue avant-garde fashion line single-breasted wedding suit that you can wear for any occasion in wool and silk satin 100% made in Italy.

To complete the look, remember to play around with accessories (it sounds like an obvious piece of advice, but unfortunately it’s not): waistcoats, waistcoats, bow ties, elegant men’s shoes, braces, hats and pocket handkerchiefs; these are all essential elements to create a perfect outfit and to look like a true dandy. Cleofe Finati offers a wide selection of accessories for every style and personal taste, so much so that we’re sure you won’t know which one you prefer.
In short, Cleofe Finati men’s fashion is synonymous with elegance and style known and appreciated all over the world. From formal wear and elegant suit collections to Italian-made men’s suits and the best accessories, Cleofe Finati has everything men need to create the perfect look.

If you are looking for high quality men’s clothing, Cleofe Finati is the right place for you.

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