Timeless elegance is tinged with green: discover the latest trends and styles for men's wedding attire.

Like a lush meadow stretching out beneath our feet, green conveys a feeling of calm and vitality, giving its wearer an aura of sophisticated sophistication.

Green, a symbol of hope and rebirth, has always been associated with lush nature, silent forests and lush gardens. Just as nature renews itself every season, the man who wears a green suit shows that he embraces novelty and is inspired by the beauty that surrounds him.

Obviously Cleofe Finati could not help but propose some of its best suit ideas:

Cesare Pavese groom's suit:

A creation therefore dedicated to a classy man who loves fine clothes, choosing beautiful men’s suits but at the same time also a glamorous image, who wants to be elegant but also exalted in his beauty.

A lime green groom suit, the Cesare Pavese groom suit is a single-breasted man’s suit with a classic fashion line that is perfect for wearing on any occasion. Made of 100% made in Italy wool and silk satin, it is marvellous in its total look.

Elements that make up the suit:

Lime green groom suit jacket, rounded on the front with a two-button spear collar. It belongs to the fashion line and can also be worn over jeans;
Lime-green trousers with dry thigh, can be worn on any occasion, made of 100% Made in Italy wool silk satin;
Glamorous wool silk satin waistcoat for men’s groom suits. Suitable for all seasons, lime green colour can also be worn alone;
Cream slim line shirt for groom in silk and cotton satin; Inside wrist, inside and outside collar in wool and silk satin;
• White tie;
Powder blue and optical white double bow tie for a more dandy look. 100% silk;
White wool and silk satin braces with leather ends and adjustable length clips;
White fabric belt that outlines the waistline emphasising the groom’s body;
Double handkerchief in white and green silk brocade. Light and colour to complete a total look that becomes magic;
Calfskin lace-up shoes in two colours: brown toe and beige collar.

Lev Tolstoj groom's suit:

A silk and wool groom’s suit in shades of green, with a glamorous yet classic line.
A work that responds to today’s man.

Green single-breasted groom suit for men with a classic fashion line that can be worn on any occasion made of 100% made in Italy wool and silk satin.

Let us now observe all the elements that go to make up this magnificent groom's suit:

Green single breasted groom suit jacket with two button fastening: front jacket without pleats, dry sleeve with three buttons on the cuff, in green stretch wool silk, bember lining, logoed, spear collar, rounded hem, flap pockets and welt pocket This model perfectly draws the lines of your body, slimming your figure;
Thigh-high trousers, without pleats, slim fit, with slash pockets and hook and zip fastening. Perfect fit;
Glamorous gilet in 100% made in Italy brocade, five-button single-breasted placket, front welt pockets and adjustable tape on the back;
Men’s shirt in a luminous optical white silk satin and cotton, french collar, inner, outer and inner cuffs track in 100% beige silk brocade, cuff with cufflink;
100% silk taffeta brocade plastron: small blade in light blue plain brocade, large blade in brocade on light blue ground and adjustable fastening;
Papillon double 100% silk: first fabric in plain brocade intertwining blue threads with rust threads, second fabric in brocade with a midnight blue background, furrowed with elegant rust paisley designs, adjustable band fastening. 100 % Made in Italy.
Adjustable braces in a 100% beige silk taffeta brocade cord.
Adjustable belt in green fabric;
Double clutch bag: one in rope beige plain brocade, the second in optic white silk satin, roll hem. Size: approx. 24×24;
Men’s lace-up groom’s shoes in calfskin in three colours, rope, beige and white.

Which groom’s suit in shades of green best represents your personality? Let us know in the comments.

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