Men’s shirt JOHN LOCKE

Cream shirt glamour men's suit blue white and black 100% made in Italy

Shirt for glamour men’s suit in 100% cotton satin fashion line slim with external and internal placket and inner wrists in 100% made in Italy Prince of Wales silk brocade, to be worn in a versatile way also outside the trousers.


Available sizes:38 – 39 – 40 – 41 – 42 – 43 – 44 - 45


Once the purchase is complete, our designers will contact you to define your size together.

Delivery expected 5 weeks after payment of the order following the telephone contact.



A white shirt in a bright 100% optical white cotton, envelops your body and reveals the beauty of its applications such as external placket and inner wrists in a  100% brocade prince of Wales silk that weaves blue, light blue and white yarns, with blue micro diamond imprints, in perfect combination with waistcoat and tie.

The shirt for the creativity signed by Cleofe Finati is a very important element in the whole outfit but also as an element to be worn alone. The gentle brightness of the silk and the breathability of the cotton together with the beauty of the brocade that personalises it, creates a true work of art.

  • 100% optical white cotton
  • Contrasting applications
  • External placket and internal wrists in 100% brocade Prince of Wales with micro blue diamonds
  • French collar
  • Seven button closure
  • Wrists with matching cufflinks
  • Made in Italy


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