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Glamorous luxury men’s suit vichy white and sand 100% made in Italy

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Glamorous luxury men’s suit/formal outfit fashion line that profiles your body with single-breast three buttons, small shawl collar, to be worn also raised, made in micro vichy brocade 100% made in Italy. Wonderful in its total look.





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Observe the beauty of this formal men’s suit from the Luxury collection signed by Cleofe Finati, which becomes magic on your body. A love affair with weaves, colours and beauty, ancient male patterns such as the Vichy, reinterpreted in a glamorous new dandy style by Cleofe Finati.

Wear this single-breasted three button jacket and observe the gentle curved line that profiles the front and defines a shawl collar to be worn also raised.

Notice now the beauty of the narrow shoulder, the high armhole and the lean sleeve, with open placket revealing the beautiful jewel cufflinks.

Your back is shaped by skilful sartorial cuts, underlined by two buttons on the waist line, which become elegant flaps giving a vertical emphasis to your figure.

Immerse yourself in the weaves of the fabric, a micro vichy 100% golden sand silk interwoven with creamy notes.

Observe and wear the trousers, in micro vichy silk in the variant sand and mid blue, with inner strap perfectly matched to the jacket. 

Admire yourself in your waistcoat, designed for you, an elegant and sophisticated man and groom, with its 100% made in Italy silk brocade mid blue interwoven with sand notes and furrowed with a delicate white micro dot pattern.

You’ll be perfect in every occasion, Cleofe Finati has customized your suit with a wonderful neck accessory.

Double bow tie, a must for the true dandy man, which knits the 100% iridescent silk aviation blue brocade with a white medal pattern to the golden sand variant.

Now let yourself be enveloped by the shirt, which, in the brightness and softness of a silk cotton satin, recalls the patterns of the Prince of Wales and, on the inside of the wrists and on the external placket is enlivened by the silk brocade, aviation blue with white medal pattern.

Fall in love with the waist belt in 100% silk brocade in the golden sand variant, which perfectly matches the bow tie and the shirt.

The shoes dedicated to this creation are an essential jewel for this wonderful man’s formal outfit. The best choice for all luxury clothes is to wear glamorous shoes, which can be reused on any outfit.

Lace-up men’s shoes in two colours, 100% made in Italy suede and brushed calf leather.

A men’s suit for you, a sophisticated and innovative man, which will make you unique, elegant and refined in every moment of the ceremony and in life.

An emotion on your body.


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