On the men’s fashion scene, the year 2023 offers new trends and evolutions in men’s ceremonial style. Modern men are increasingly interested in expressing their personality through ceremonial clothes, breaking away from traditional standards.

This article explores ideas and tips for men's formal wear in 2023, inspiring readers to experiment and adopt a unique look for their big day.

It explores bold colours for men's formal wear in 2023:

In 2023, men are increasingly bold in their choice of ceremony colours. In addition to classic black, it is advisable to explore shades such as midnight blue, emerald green, beige, pastel and non-pastel tones, or even burgundy for formal wear. Accents of colour can also be added through accessories such as ties, pocket handkerchiefs or socks, which allow you to express personality and style.

Cleofe Finati men's formal suits and groomsmen's suits impose this trend:

The collection is eclectic, combining different street cultures and dress codes, which are opposed to the statutory idea of luxury. The colours and patterns of the fabrics express the reactions instigated by world events; alongside colours in dull whites, clays, taupe greys and greens are shades of pinks, dark blues and bright whites that are the basis for brighter, more energetic colours, colours that express the growing desire for expression of one’s inner creative childishness.

Textured fabrics for a distinctive look:

Textured fabrics are gaining popularity in the ceremonies of 2023. Opting for dresses made of materials such as damask and brocade can add a touch of sophistication and originality. These materials offer structure and visual depth that stand out from traditional gowns, capturing attention and creating a lasting impact.

Cleofe Finati captures this idea by creating fabrics :

• pleasant to the touch
• inspired by the world of architecture
• with dry and mottled weaves.

Fabrics that wish to express a feeling of lightness, and fluid fabrications.
This is translated in a more literal sense, we find shadowy fabric prints and moiré effects that play with the function of light as a key print and design directions.
This is a theme that runs through the season as a material interest, and the idea of ‘unprinted prints’ is grounded in the themes of “HAND-PAINTING”.

Personalised details: add a unique touch to your look:

Customised details play an increasingly important role in men’s ceremonies. Adding distinctive elements such as decorative buttons, embroidery or embroidered initials can make a suit unique and special. These small details allow one to show one’s personality and create an emotional connection with the outfit.

Accessories: the key to complete the look:

Accessories play a key role in men’s formal wear in 2023. In addition to classic cufflinks, it is advisable to experiment with unusual accessories such as lapel pins, plastrons or creative bow ties. These details can add a touch of originality and become a talking point in the overall context of the look.

The importance of eco-sustainability in clothing:

An increasingly relevant topic in 2023 is eco-sustainability. Considering the use of clothes made from sustainable and ethically produced materials can help reduce the environmental impact of formal wear.
Remember tha: this does not mean giving up good taste and a sartorial product.

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