The days of the underrated groom are over, as men’s formal wear accelerates its presence with a bold and revolutionary as well as detail-conscious and sophisticated design that stands out.
The Italian house Archetipo with its brand Cleofe Finati leads the way, and continues, season after season, to focus on quality, concentrating on what makes the difference regarding unique and avant-garde design, mixing sartorial elegance with creative innovation and the finest fabrics with dramatic cuts and intricate details.

Showing at European Bridal Week in Essen, April 30th to May 2nd, Archetipo’s leading brand, trend setting Cleofe Finati, promises to pave the way, creating in all its refinement a new expression of style for men, maintaining this specific 100% Italian tailoring that has it all – from classic to the absolute avant-garde.


Body shaping silhouettes, softly sculpted lapels, beautiful shirts with buttoned cuffs, leather buttoned braces are just some of the essential composite that tell the story of design excellence for 2023.

The choice of sumptuous fabrics across the Cleofe Finati Couture and Luxury ranges is simply impressive – exclusive silks, superior quality wools and fine blends, some with full-bodied textures, others elegantly smooth – and colour plays a specific role in defining each look.
The Limited Edition Collection, too, has a distinct personality, tailor-made for the discerning man with an appetite for the extravagant.

Archetipo puts eco-sustainability at the top of their priority list. The fabrics in all three Cleofe Finati collections are made of natural fibres; the complete portfolio is showing a respect for the environment, work, animals, and human rights.
Facing the ‘green’ challenge vital to the health and well-being of our planet, this is a company, and a brand, which is committed to using organic materials that are 100% biodegradable and all dyes are 100% natural.

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