The taste for beauty only comes from the perfect balance of style, elegance, contrast, creativity and refinement

Made in Italy men’s suits have always been synonymous with Italian elegance and tradition. The men’s fashion collections, whether formal wear, elegant suits or men’s groom suits, have always represented the pinnacle of men’s couture.

Men’s clothing, although less varied than women’s clothing, guarantees great attention to detail and the quality of the fabrics, a characteristic that makes men’s clothing made in Italy among the most appreciated and sought-after at an international level. Fundamental is the skill of the artisan textile manufacturers, which is expressed in their ability to select the finest fibres to create inimitable fabrics of great value. This is complemented by the skilful experience of Italian tailors, who are able to guarantee maximum wearability for all their products. The taste for beauty only comes from the perfect balance of elegance, style, contrast, refinement and creativity; elements that have always distinguished the Made in Italy style.
Men’s ceremonial suits, especially tailored suits, are those that require the most care and craftsmanship in execution, guaranteeing an impeccable result and a shopping experience that goes beyond the mere purchase of a suit.

Furthermore, among men’s tailored suits, the men’s formal suit is the one that requires the most attention to detail and personal taste. The choice of a men’s suit, in fact, must take into account the colour of the suit, the type of fabric and the different accessories such as: waistcoat, waistcoat, bow tie, men’s shoes-elegant, braces, hats and pocket handkerchief, which complete the total look. If all these elements are put together in an impeccable manner, the success of the suit is guaranteed.

All of these characteristics have always been part of the Cleofe Finati brand, whose semi-crafted and hand-crafted groom’s and formal wear creations are characterised by excellence and care in the production process of each individual garment on an international scale.

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