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How to clean, sanitize and reuse your mask

You want to sanitize the face mask…  find out how.

Clean and sanitize your mask! It is simple. Learn how to wash silk safely right at home with these easy steps.

Do you want to clean, sanitize and reuse your mask?

What do you need for a daily sanitization? Denatured red alcohol, a tall container with a closure or a pot with a lid. 
Inside the container you put a little alcohol, very little 
The mask is attached to the lid: the mask is thus flattened to the lid and does not come into contact with the alcohol inside. 
By evaporating, the liquid will sterilize the mask without wetting it 
Leave the pot with the masks to be sanitized inside until morning then for about 8 hours.
The vapors of ethyl alcohol sanitize the mask or masks, sanitizing them from viruses and bacteria. Be careful not to wet your masks to be sanitized in alcohol this is a mistake to avoid.

To better understand the process, please watch the video.

So choose a wonderful silk face mask by Cleofe Finati and then sanitize it with the correct sanitation procedure.

Choose your favorite color red, blue, blue mask!

The important thing is that it is a 100% Made in Italy silk face mask!

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