Always dressed by the brand Cleofe Finati, a brand known throughout the world for its 100% Made in Italy men’s formal wear, the duo Igudesman & Joo for this year’s tour will wear tailored suits created especially for the show.

Here are the dates:
23.01. Prague (CZ) – Rachmaninoff Rhapsody (Orchestra show)
17.02. Bonn (DE) – Rachmaninoff Rhapsody (Orchestra show)
01.04. Lucerne (CH) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)
28.04. Tavagnacco (IT) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)
tbc Vienna (AT) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)
17.06. Hamburg (DE) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)
22.06. Lenzburg (DE) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)
30.07. Gstaad (CH) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)
22.09. Taggenbrunn (AT) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)
23.09. Maribor (SL) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)
29.09. Potsdam (DE) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)
01.10. Eigenthal (CH) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)
22.12. Ludwigsburg (DE) – And Now Rachmaninoff (Duo show)

Amidst elegant silk brocade dresses with designs reminiscent of Morris’s Art Nouveau style and flowers in the shape of a treble clef combined with white muslin shirts decorated with fil coupé that creates a feather in flight, music and fashion come together to create a symphony that demonstrates how much beauty there is in both art forms.
The colours that are the protagonists of this magic: gold and white, only enhance the artistic beauty of this duo, which on stage captures the audience’s attention like a magnet. Ė Indeed, it is impossible not to be enraptured by the lively sparkle of the waistcoats and trousers, perfectly matched to the elegant men’s shoes that echo, albeit with more unusual patterns, the preciousness and sense of the importance of details in the production of Made in Italy men’s clothing and accessories.

In this show, we will therefore witness a magnificent marriage of two substantially different art forms, but united by a common purpose: to express something to the world.
Elegant men’s clothes, as well as music, are in fact fundamental for the transmission of messages that make the audience perceive what we are and what we want to express.

Cleofe Finati and the Igudesman & Joo duo are therefore honoured to amaze you with their art.
Feel free to let yourself be carried away by the magnetic beauty of the men’s clothes on offer and the melodious symphonies of the show itself.

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