“In each of us lives a creative demon”

The Mood

“Before birth, the soul of each of us he chooses an image or drawing that we will then live on earth, and receives a companion to guide us up here, a daimon, that is unique and typical of us.
However, in coming into the world, we forget all this and believe we have come empty.
It is the daimonche which recalls the content of our image, the elements of the 
design chosen, he is therefore the bearer of ours destiny. “
«In the ancient world, the Daimon was a figure from somewhere else, neither human nor divine.
It is something in between.
It lives in a median region (metaxu), the same as the soul.
It is not properly a god. The daimon is a psychic reality
that has GREATER intimacy with EACH of us:
a figure who can appear in a dream, send messages.
Even Eros, in fact, inhabits that middle region which is not entirely divine and yet always a little inhuman.
The daimon performs its ‘reminder’ function in many ways.
It motivates us. It protects us.
Its creativity power keeps holding on with obstinate loyalty.
It offers comfort and can attract us in its shell,
but it cannot stand innocence BECAUSE YOU ARE
Because HAPPINESS is nothing but knowing
how to give voice to YOUR DAIMON.»

J. Hillman, The code of the soul

«Happiness is the self-realization of oneself, of yourself, and this is a definition of Aristotle who believes that every man is provided
with a vocation, an inclination,
which he calls daimon, each has his demon, the musician, artist, philosopher,
man who works manually, and happiness in Greek is called eudaimonia:
“the good realization of your demon (DAIMON)”.
This is Aristotle’s definition of happiness and I stand for this definition, self-realization. if you realize yourself,
if you do what you are meant to be or evoked for, you will be happy.»
Umberto Galimberti

Fabrics Preview

A tapestry of modern influences is woven into a great variety of fabrics, from the most particular and precious textures, from strong and bold tones, to the most delicate tones.
Light wool fabrics, natural silk, elaborate brocades, raw linen canvases, precious silk shantungs, with their shades of light imprinted on a rough and irregular surface.
Strong fabrics, in an extremely refined and chic taste, worked in the smallest details, give life to DAIMON 2022.
Sublime elegance among natural fibers, a Made in Italy unique in its artistic and manufacturing creed.
A very high philosophical excellence that, in the textures of the fabrics, becomes a work of art.
And like all works of art, it chooses the right interlocutors.

Colors Preview

Vibrant and decisive colors, a palette that varies from soft and candid tones of light blues, which also change to hints of gray, skin pink, small touches of lime green, whites, to decisive and brilliant nuances, strong contrasts, from the shades of denim , to burgundy that remains a must, to peach, bright blues and hints of orange, lilac and black… lively combinations, never banal.

Pattern Inspiration

An all over floral pattern animates this new season.
A riot of flower corollas, some already in bloom, others still closed.
Narciso, symbol of extreme beauty and safety, derives from a Greek word which means “stun”, a stun given by its intense perfume.
The marked and decisive figure of this strong and so beautiful flower rests on a background drawn in lace.
A contrast between the safety of the flower, in its beauty and decision of the full color and the lightness and refinement of this embroidered lace background.
That contrast that characterizes the Cleofe Finati man, New Dandy Glamor man
you are extreme beauty, exterior but above all interior, a beauty into the soul.
A man who is aware of this beauty that bewitches, he is sure of himself, given in his vanity which is never ostentation, but gallant kindness.
Extreme refinement, a deep creed and a rare sensitive soul.
The birth of a new man who stands out from normality.

The modern Prince of Wales.
The masculine design par excellence has always been a mix of motifs with large squares alternating checkered patterns and Pied de Poule, with numerous variations of tones and colors.
A design that, since 1800, is still one of the most appreciated
and used ever, both in men’s and women’s fashion.
Extremely elegant and refined, it gives that touch of formality to any type of outfit.
For men, it is a must, a design that cannot be missing in your wardrobe.
But … from tradition we move onto modern times.
An all over pattern with a Prince of Wales background,
furrowed by a floral design embellished with paisley motifs,
harmonious lines of petals, buds and leaves.
A checkerboard pattern, in different sizes to make it perfect for every garment and accessory.
A different way of wearing tradition and bringing it to the present day, with an extra touch of harmony.



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