Among the accessories proposed to complete the Cleofe Finati groom look, we also find the pochette, more commonly known as “pocket-handkerchiefs”.

Whether it is a ceremonial jacket or a simple casual jacket, the importance of the pochette does not vary, as it can ensure success in showing off the suit or, on the contrary, a fall in style.

To avoid this second scenario, it is best to use a different pattern from that used for the tie. If, for example, the suit consists of a shirt, jacket or tie with stripes, checks or patterns, it is better to opt for a plain-coloured pochette.

Cleofe Finati’s fabrics for these accessories are always synonymous with Italian excellence. The most popular are wool, cashmere and silk. Whatever fabric is chosen, the important thing is that the size is around 40×40 cm.

Finally, let’s talk about the ‘doubt’ that binds the groom and this accessory that completes the suit:

how do I fold it?

… Cleofe Finati recommends the ‘jewel rosemethod if it is a formal suit.

If I’ve intrigued you, take a look at some of our proposals:

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