If you are a groom and you don’t know what style to choose for your suit for the big day,Cleofe Finati,a brand of excellence in the field of men’s haute couture,will provide you with all the advice you need to succeed in your choice.

The groom's suit is extro:

If until a few years ago the bride’s suit was the sole focus of attention, recent times have also seen the groom’s suit stand out. So remember that you, the groom, are also expected to pay the utmost attention to all the details of your look. From the choice of suit to the choice of accessories, your total look must appear harmonious and perfect in every way.

Galeteo & Groom's suit:

When choosing an elegant men’s suit, the time of the ceremony is crucial: if the ceremony is scheduled in the daytime slot, 3-piece, half-tight and split men’s suits are recommended. If, on the other hand, the ceremony is scheduled for the evening, in addition to the 3-piece, tailcoats and dinner jackets (men’s evening dress par excellence) are allowed.

Aspects not to be underestimated in the choice:

After taking into account flair and the basic rules of etiquette, the man’s ceremony suit must match the ‘style’ of the ceremony and the bride’s dress.
So listen to the advice of your loved ones, especially the bride, but don’t give up on your personal taste. The groom’s suit you choose should reflect your personality, so that you feel comfortable on such a long day, which is also emotionally charged.

Elements and fashion accessories to avoid:

Once you have purchased your elegant men’s formal suit, let’s take a look at some useful tips to help you look and feel your best:

choose a men’s groom suit in harmony with the bride’s suit;

No coat over the suit. In winter, despite the moderate temperatures, try not to wear anything over your suit;

White socks and short socks are banned. Wearing them would look terribly out of contex;

Either one or the other: avoid wearing both the clutch bag and the buttonhole flower;

Watch: wear it, but hide it well under your shirt; • Forbid excessive informality, avoid trousers with turn-ups and trainers. These are far too informal fashion items for an important event such as your wedding;

If you opt for a split dress, avoid the overly split dress or the unsplit dress. In the first case the risk of looking like a harlequin is high, in the second you might not be able to master tone on tone as the dress would include colours with the same colour range;

The elegant shoe to be worn exclusively with socks. So avoid wearing a formal shoe without socks, the fall in style is assured;

No matching clutch bag and tie. The clutch bag is the symbol of personal flair, the distinctive accessory that shows a flicker of your personality. This rule can only be broken if you use the classic combination: white shirt and white pochette.


As the importance of the elegant men’s formal suit grows, manufacturers are increasingly proposing more extensive collections, with extras and innovations in both the choice of fabric patterns and the cut of the men’s suit.
Here are the most popular suit types:

1. Dinner jacket:
The dinner jacket or smoking is the evening suit par excellence, so much so that the rules of etiquette advise against its use in events that start before 6pm. Consisting of a dark-coloured jacket with satin lapels, single- or double-breasted; trousers always dark, it is matched with a strictly white shirt, plain or pleated, with double cuffs for mother-of-pearl buttons and cufflinks. To complete the look there is no lack of accessories: a black bow tie to be tied in a “classic knot” and black patent leather Oxford pumps.
These days this outfit is recommended for late afternoon/evening weddings, gala events, theatre and opera. The most popular colours are black and dark blue.

2. Korean:
Consisting of a jacket with a collar of the same name, it presents a very elegant and minimal style. The effect is that of a very trendy suit.

3. Split:
As its name suggests, this men’s formal suit needs no introduction. In fact, the jacket and suit are of different colours (as written in Elements and fashion accessories to avoid, watch out for the play of colours).

4. Frac:
To be worn open, the tailcoat cut jacket has 3 buttons on both sides and should be accompanied by a shirt with a diplomatic collar and a waistcoat, preferably white.

5. Tight:
Suitable for daytime ceremonies, the tight is made up of a single-breasted jacket with a front button, peaked lapels, breast pocket on the left and tails on the back; trousers with darts, made of a thin striped fabric in shades of grey, tapered and without lapels and belt, are worn with braces and a light cream or pearl grey cloth waistcoat, single-breasted with or without lapels or double-breasted with lapels. The matching shirt is usually white, with cufflinks and a stiff collar. Shoes, on the other hand, are always black and lace-up. Among the various ties that can be combined are the plastron and the simple silk tie. Bow ties and cravats should be avoided instead. Alongside the classic morning suit, there is also the avant-garde morning suit with matching top hat and cane, accessories that are best avoided during the ceremony.

6. Half Tight:
A less formal choice, this suit retains the elegance of the classic tight. The particularity lies in the jacket which does not have a back slit, but a cut tail.

7. 3-piece groom suit:
Suit consisting of: single breasted 2 button jacket, waistcoat, shirt (preferably white), tie and buttonhole flower.

That is all. If you have any doubts or further information, please do not hesitate to write to us in the comments. Cleofe Finati is happy to make itself available to provide you with all the information you need.

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