Like the ocean, the blue wedding suit for men offers infinite shades of style.

The blue wedding suit for men is like the ocean, deep and constantly in motion, capable
of offering infinite shades of style and personality. Like the waves that crash on the beach, blue adapts to different situations, from the most formal to the most informal ceremony, ensuring
timeless elegance.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding suit for men, blue is definitely an elegant and versatile choice. In this article, Cleofe Finati, a luxury couture men’s clothing brand specializing in
high-quality ceremonial suits for men, will give you some tips to help you choose the best blue
groom suit that suits your needs. Here are some of our suggestions:

Pitagora Men’s Suit:
if you are a luxury lover with a futuristic and hipster expression, this tuxedo is the suit for you. A reinterpretation of the most used and beloved ceremonial suit for evening occasions, the Pitagora suit will drag you into the vortex of the beauty of the texture of the single-breasted slim fit jacket, a stunning and precious midnight blue silk shantung. By wearing the smoking-style men’s pants witha side band, thanks to the perfect fit and shantung, you will magnificently enhance your body.Then let your skin fall in love with the silk and cotton shirt, which you will perceive as a second skin. Of course, to make your look suitable for a hipster and glamorous groom, remember to play with accessories, so match:
• a double-breasted brocade waistcoat in midnight blue tones, with shawl collar and back
center in black silk shantung;
• an elegant silk shantung tie available in both blue and black, or a modern and eccentric bow tie in black tones that thanks to the silk shantung will give you gentle light effects;
• men’s dandy style lace-up shoes in two-tone calf leather, metallic blue and black, which
perfectly match the colors of the suit;
• Braces and belt, so as to model your body more finely and, of course, the unforgettable
pocket square in shiny white silk and cotton tones.

Groom’s Suit Giacomo Leopardi:
If you are a groom with a classic soul, let yourself fall in love with the navy blue silk wool wedding suit, a fashion reinterpretation of Charlie Chaplin’s suit. A creation that recalls The Great Gatsby in its colors and features. Fall in love with the shirt, its slim line will caress your skin with a soft silk and cotton satin, while also illuminating you. The French collar of this men’s shirt, which can be worn open or buttoned up to the last button, is customized and therefore embellished with a silk brocade piping with chromatic contrast, which together with the wrist, also customized, become important elements in the total look of this wonderful Cleofe Finati creation.As with the tuxedo, don’t forget the accessories:
• a waistcoat with the front in navy blue brocade and the back in silk and wool satin, flap pockets,
and a single-breasted five-button opening;
• a double plastron for the groom’s suit, made in Italy, 100% white brocade, to be worn tied outside
like a tie or untied like an ascot. This is a refined reference to the accessories used in the 18th and 19th centuries. If you feel like a unique dandy, opt for a double bow tie for the groom’s suit, so you can be impeccable at any time during your ceremony;
• suspenders and a fabric belt to give value to your classic fashion soul;
• a pair of men’s lace-up shoes in matte shades of calf leather;
• a double silk handkerchief for the groom, a navy blue and an optical white pocket square. Light
and color to complete a total look that becomes magic.

Karl Marx men’s suit:
If you are a sophisticated, elegant, and innovative groom, the Karl Marx suit is what will make your heart skip a beat. The single-breasted two-button suit jacket, made of luxurious brocade and 100% silk satin for men, immerses itself in deep midnight blue notes. The turned shoulder, high armhole, and sleeve embellished with four buttons on the wrist with open buttonholes make this piece rich in all the stylistic details dedicated to emphasizing your physique. Suitable for any occasion, the Karl Marx men’s suit jacket can also be perfectly adapted to jeans. But since we are interested in men’s ceremony suits, let’s analyze our total look. The cotton satin shirt caresses your skin, is embellished in the middle of the collar and at the cuffs with a 100% silk pearl gray brocade. Then wear the slimfit pants, without pleats and with double welt pockets, which take up the midnight blue note of the jacket, and the mosaic-effect silk brocade vest, obtained by alternating blue, turquoise, and electric
blue yarns on a midnight blue background.
For a true innovative dandy total look, have fun playing with the choice of accessories. Among our
proposals, in fact, you can find:
• a refined double blue-azure and pearl gray plastron to wear tied outside like a tie or untied like an ascot, or inside your shirt by loosening the knot on both sides;
• silk suspenders in sugar paper and pearl gray color, and a men’s luxury brocade suit belt in grayblue and azure colors
• a double handkerchief consisting of a midnight blue silk satin pocket square and a peony and
peach brocade one;
• a pair of men’s glamour slippers in two-tone calf leather: midnight blue and navy blue
Finally, to complete your aura as an elegant and stylish man, don’t forget to match a bowler hat and a cane with a deep sky blue leather handle

In conclusion, with Cleofe Finati, from classics to modern styles, from tailoring to Made in Italy, you can find the men’s ceremony suit that best suits your tastes and needs. And I recommend: don’t forget to consider accessories such as waistcoat, bow tie, hat, pocket square, suspenders, and elegant men’s shoes to complete your groom’s look. Which of these ceremony and groom’s suits best represents your style? Let me know in the comments
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