A refined groom's suit is crucial for your wedding day.

You cannot and should not opt for an ordinary groom’s suit.

Avoid both a common outfit, as unfortunately, groom’s suits nowadays are often all the same in polyester or acetate, and a classic groom’s suit that might make you blend in with the guests at your wedding.

Currently, the groom's suit and the groom's role are considered equally important as those of the bride.

The wedding has become a celebration where the BRIDE and GROOM are the true protagonists.
It has been over a decade since many countries have considered the groom’s suit of equal importance to the bride’s. In some markets, the groom even invests more in his suit than the bride.

So why should you choose a special groom's suit?

Simply because a distinctive, refined, and unique groom’s suit will truly make you the GROOM.

Cleofe Finati, specializing in men’s ceremonial attire for over thirty years, creates groom’s suits for every type of personality.

Today, more than ever, Cleofe Finati is considered a trendsetter in men’s ceremonial fashion because each creation is a unique groom’s suit.

But what does "special groom's suits" exactly mean?

It means suits that are not commonplace, ordinary, or generic.
Every outfit bearing the Cleofe Finati signature consists of ten different looks that you can showcase throughout the day.

Cleofe Finati and its style teach you never to be AN ORDINARY MAN.

So, the answer is yes, absolutely yes to a special groom's suit!

Always choose a suit that reflects your personality.
Don’t conform to the masses and find YOUR GROOM’S SUIT.

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