A new interpretation of the concept of elegance and refinement.

Inspired by the artworks of Britta Marakatt-Labba, Nan Goldin, Tau Lewis and Igshaan Adams, the ‘Sogni di Latte’ collection is a unique and unconventional experience: use of materials and textures unusual, incorporation of traditional designs and techniques and a focus on themes of identity, ancestry and self-expression.
These are the words that best describe this collection.

Fashion & Art in its forms:

The ideas and inspirations provided to the designer by these great artists result in a perfect blend of the talents brought to bear.
Indeed, the collection represents the essence of Cleofe Finati’s creativity and sophistication.
The care and attention to detail in each garment thus offer a complete and classy look that is excellently suited to different occasions.

Purity and tranquillity through colours:

Predominant within the collection are colours such as white, orange, gold and beige. Through their use, the message the collection wants to convey is that of an idyllic idea of tranquillity, peace and purity, both inner and outer.

Four people and four different art forms for a sublime inspiration:

“Sogni di Latte” is characterised by a choice of fine fabrics, such as wool and silk, and great attention to detail: embroidery and handcrafted appliqués.
The inspiration from the works of four incredible artists exploring themes of deep sensitivity and the use of unconventional materials demonstrate Cleofe Finati’s focus on both relevant social issues and innovations within the art world.

Feathers and arrows:

a fashion capsule that reinterprets the art of Nan Goldin

In the Cleofe Finati 2024 collection there will be 4 outfits personalised by prints of a work of art by Stefano Sala that reinterprets Nan Goldin’s art in an ironic way.
The colour palette used in the collection is lively and bright, with shades of orange, red, blue and gold, adding a touch of glamour and strong personality to each outfit.

In short, the capsule collection, thanks to its surprising and innovative design that combines the best of fashion and contemporary art, is a celebration of art and creativity.

Cleofe Finati’s collaboration with Stefano Sala will ensure that the capsule collection will spread relentlessly throughout the industry, capturing the attention and admiration of anyone who loves style, beauty and elegance.

And are you ready to discover the new Cleofe Finati 2024 “Sogni di Latte" collection?

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