Workshop Archetipo at Palazzo Kechler

Workshop Archetipo at Palazzo Kechler

Last November the 4th, was held the Archetipo’s Workshop about the new collections Cleofe Finati 2015, which involved the major European boutiques. The Workshop held on the collections Cleofe Finati is a instrument of power that Archetipo provides to give to the sales force of its dealers in order to support its philosophy of excellence always oriented to the whole group.

In fact, Archetipo always distinguishes itself from others in this and aims to achieve excellence through training. Each workshop, in fact, is a meeting, in-depth and detailed training, in which every individual involved goes away with a rich cultural heritage, thanks to the precious advices and the directives given by Stefania Vismara, general manager of Archetipo.

The Archetipo’s Workshop, however, are not just “lessons and tests” but also a pretext of confrontation, of being in the company, in order to exchange ideas and opinions, make new friends, and, why not, to spend pleasant moments together. And it’s thanks to all these elements which characterize the uniqueness of Archetipo’s Workshops that every participant can only be amazed by them.

In fact, Archetipo always receives so many positive comments after each workshop…below some of them:

“During these days spent with you we breathed a wonderful familiar atmosphere, but mostly we got to know, in addition to your wonderful products, a beautiful woman who fascinated us. Your attention towards us flatters us…thank you for all the hospitality.”

                                                                  Lucia Passaro, Antonio and Francesca of Passaro Uomo


“After thirty years of experience in the ceremony field, I recognize that nowadays the true excellence in clothing is Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, pride of the italian manufacturing. You never stop learning, thanks to the company Archetipo and all its staff.”

                                                                                                            Carmelo Bua of Trend Adrano


“Dear Stefania,
I can not find the words to express all the love and the gratitude that an event like this pervaded my whole being. First of all thank you for the hospitality you shown me, both in terms of the location, both for the excellence of local products that I enjoyed. I am amazed by your exceptional and professional communication skills, showing us the basic rules for the success of the sale of the Archetipo’s suits. Excellence is all that emerged from this experience at your company. I am sure that I will treasure this great event and I’ll be able to make this work and our friendship profiquo for both of us. Thankyou very much from all the staff Milenka Puntel…Kisses!!!”

                                                                                                              Raul Costa of Milenka Puntel

Archetipo Team says thankyou to everyone!!!

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