Winter wedding: 5 tips to make it magic

The magic of the snow, the brightness of the lights and the Christmas spirit: unique and romantic elements for an amazing winter wedding.
Getting married in winter has become a real must, thanks to the charm of this season. Thus, for those who prefer the cold winter atmosphere to get married, here are some ideas to make perfect the day of “Yes, I do!”

The location
Winter reserves a great choice of the location: villas, ancient buildings, or for those who dare, you can opt for luxury hotels and stately homes.
All illuminated by soft lighting and crystal chandeliers, also recreating a winter garden with trees covered with artificial snow, truly magical!

Matrimonio in inverno 5 consigli per renderlo magico

Here there is plenty of choice: roses, hawthorn, holly, evergreens, pine branches and fir to decorate with color that you prefer. You can also use the painted pine cones juxtaposed with red berries.

Matrimonio in inverno 5 consigli per rederlo magico1

The banquet
For the banquet the best is to opt for the typical dishes of the winter season: red meat, pasta with savory sauces, preferably accompanied by red wines. As a wedding cake can also propose a typical winter cake with chestnuts. And if you want to save, winter is the season for you. Restaurants and location in general, apply special prices in what for them is considered low season!

The suit
For the winter season it is preferable to wear a dark suit, elegant and classic. But why not get out of the norm and opt for a colorful and eccentric suit, as this one of the Luxury Collection by Cleofe Finati, then have fun with accessories, such as ties, plastron, bow ties and vests.
A ceremonial outfit wrapped in the allure of the iconic figure of the perfect gentleman who attends to his look in every detail, pushed by the search for beauty understood as a pleasant obsession.
A suit with a unique and unmistakeable style, inspired by the excess and spark of the 1920s that we find in the film “The Great Gatsby” for an impeccable, elegant and chic look you can also wear it with t-shirt, blue-jeans and sunglasses fo a more casual and sophisticated look.


The honeymoon
Finally, another factor in the winter wedding is the opportunity to choose as a destination for the honeymoon a hot location, such as exotic destinations where it is summer all year long!

Matrimonio in inverno 5 consigli per renderlo magico2

And you, what do you think about winter weddings?

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