What’s your definition of excellence?

Beware, whoever you are. Oh, Thy who wish to explore the mysteries of Nature, if you cannot find inside yourself what you are looking for, you will never find it outside.
If you neglect the wonders of your home, how can you expect to find other wonders?
In Thyself is the hidden Treasure of the Gods.
Oh Man, know Thyself and you shall know the Universe and the Gods.
― Oracle of Delphi

Excellence – with capital “E” – has always informed the creativity and daily operations of Arcehtipo Group. But, in order to spread the values of Excellence in the World, the company has organized a special night which took place last June in Milan at the Hotel Sheraton Diana Majestic, in collaboration with Giuseppe Papini and Penrose.

All the definitions of Excellence given by the guests of the “Excellence Addict” night have been published in an album that you can browse here.

And you? What’s your definition of Excellence? Let us know!

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