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Fashion blue sky wedding suit 100% made in Italy

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Blue sky avant-garde fashion line single-breasted wedding suit that you can wear for any occasion in wool and silk satin 100% made in Italy. Wonderful in its total look.


Available sizes:46 – 48 – 50 – 52 – 54 – 56 – 58

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Fall in love with this blue sky wedding suit in silk satin. This colour has been created by the Cleofe Finati maison and has now become a style icon.

The glamorous and avant-garde line emphasises your body by shaping it.

Men’s jacket, rounded on the front with a closed mandarin collar with high peak collar line that can be worn up or down.

Look at the beauty of the rounded groom jacket front, which becomes a circle in the profile and therefore, a work of art. The avant-garde fashion line is inspired by the early twentieth century, in particular Charlie Chaplin’s jacket.

Your body will be profiled and emphasised by this wonderful men’s outfit signed by Cleofe Finati. Now fall in love with the fabric, a blue sky silk wool satin. The satin weaving requires the finest yarn due to the uncovered weaving.

The outerwear fabrics by Cleofe Finati are exclusive natural fabrics of the maison, they all come from the Biella area, where the highest quality Italian combed fabrics for men’s suits have always been made.

Enter now into the heart of creation and wear a 100% made in Italy silk brocade waistcoat. You’ll love the design, which becomes a weaving motif of a vine branch and its leaves, small lights wet with silk dew.

The fabrics of your accessories by Cleofe Finati are both in chain and silk weave, look at their graceful and dense brightness.

This is a very important feature for the beauty of your accessories, also for men’s vests; often the mere silk label does not guarantee that the fabric is 100% silk (in fact the chain, which is 70% of the fabric, is made in this case in polyester or acetate).

Therefore, all your Cleofe Finati accessories carry 100% Italian silk on their labels.

Look at the shirt and fall in love. Its lean body caresses the skin with a soft satin of silk and cotton and at the same time it illuminates you. The French collar of this men’s shirt, to be worn open or tied up to the last button, is customised and therefore embellished by a placket in silk brocade with chromatic contrast, which together with the wrist, also customised, become important elements in the total look of this wonderful creation signed by Cleofe Finati.

The choice of Ascot in two different brocades characterises the craftsmanship of the maison’s creation. The Ascot as a neck accessory emphasises the regality of the body and makes us understand how this men’s suit can be reused by reinventing its look, even with a pair of jeans.

Don’t forget the shoes signed by Cleofe Finati. Today, shoes are a fundamental element of a classy man. The colours, the leather and the shapes of Cleofe Finati men’s shoes gift the world and you with true jewels.

A creation therefore dedicated to a glamorous man who loves beautiful fashion and chooses elegant men’s clothes but at the same time also loves a glamorous image, who wants to be elegant but also emphasised in his own beauty, in short a work that meets the need of today’s man.



Purchasable separately

Wedding suit fashion jacket blue sky 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati

model 128271


Blue sky wedding suit jacket in silk wool satin. Avant-garde dandy fashion line, to be reinvented later also on a pair of jeans.

€ 1.310,00

Wedding suit fashion trousers blue sky 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati

model 128272


Wedding suit blue sky trousers classic fashion line with lean thigh that can be worn on any occasion, made of silk wool black satin 100% made in Italy.

€ 455,00

Waistcoat vest dull wedding suits fashion blue sky 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati

model 128267


Very elegant men's waistcoat in silk brocade 100% made in Italy for a wedding suit, completion of the stylistic work of the GIUSEPPE UNGARETTI, suit, to be reinterpreted also in a dandy version on a pair of jeans.

€ 476,00

Cream shirt wedding suit fashion blue sky 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati

model 128278


Shirt for man wedding suit in cotton silk satin with inner wrist, inner and outer collar in silk brocade 100% made in Italy, note its beautiful slim fashion line to be worn in an alternative way also outside the trousers.

€ 412,00

Double Ascot wedding suits fashion blue sky 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati

model 128277


Double Ascot for wedding suit 100% made in Italy, to be worn knotted outside as a tie or untied as an Ascot.

€ 170,00

Double bow tie fashion wedding suit blue sky 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati

model 128280

Groom papillon bow tie GIUSEPPE UNGARETTI

Double bow tie for wedding suit 100% made in Italy to wear instead of an Ascot for a dandier look.

€ 108,00

Suspenders Wedding suit blue sky fashion 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati

model 128281

Suspenders for groom GIUSEPPE UNGARETTI

Brocade suspenders, 100% silk, for wedding suit with leather ends and clips, 100% made in Italy, adjustable in length. Silk suspenders are synonymous with great elegance.

€ 272,00

Band belt fashion blue sky wedding suit 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati

model 128273

Fabric belt for groom GIUSEPPE UNGARETTI

Belt for wedding suit in light blue fabric mixed with plum in brocade 100% made in Italy. The band profiles the waistline emphasising the groom's body.

€ 138,00

Double pocketchief plum fashion wedding suit blue sky 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati

model 128279

Double groom’s pocketchief GIUSEPPE UNGARETTI

Double pocketchief  in 100% silk. Light and colour to complete a total look that becomes magic.

€ 68,00

Shoe slippers serenity fashion wedding suit blue sky 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati

model 128285

Groom shoe slippers GIUSEPPE UNGARETTI

Groom shoe slippers in calf in two colours.

The calf leather has a metallic varnish finish that makes the colours undefined and matchable to any fabric colour.

€ 454,00

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