Tommaso Zorzi, the current embodiment of dandiness, a lifestyle back in fashion by Instagram’s Hot Italian Daddy, Gianluca Vacchi

Tommaso Zorzi, the current embodiment of dandiness, a lifestyle back in fashion by Instagram’s Hot Italian Daddy, Gianluca Vacchi

Cleofe Finati knows it: The great thing is we live at a time where men’s dress codes are breaking down. This is the start of this outstanding new partnership in style with Tommaso Zorzi. Being a dandy is about liberating yourself and not caring what anyone else thinks, this is what the new 2020 CLEOFE FINATI collection DOES….LET’S FIND OUT WHAT ZOE 2020 MEANS AND WHY TOMMASO ZORZI IS THE the current embodiment of dandiness.


Everything  starts from a Greek word ζωη (zoe), which means “life”; Freedom, creativity, passion for beauty … passion for life.

Zoe 2020 by Cleofe Finati is a season that amazes an explosive collection, it fuses tradition into something new, something that goes beyond the boring usual. The usual does not belong to Cleofe Finati, it leaves room for the new, the unusual, for an eccentricity that remains glamour with deep elegance.

UNIQUENESS, is what makes winners, INNOVATION to be a step forehead. Cleofe finati creates a new intentionally imprudent design vocabulary that begins to rewrite materials and forms.

Tommaso Zorzi, 22, graduated in Economics and Commerce, from Milan, current living in London. Just look to him: The style runs in his veins and he can’t help choosing the dandy style by Cleofe Finati.

His has true passion for fashion and a love of all things fashionable. Passion for creating, wearing, interpreting. He took part at the international show and successful Italian format #Riccanza, broadcast on MTV. 

He was the King of style. Tommaso conquered everybody with his authentic attitude. He is a leader and ironic. You can not resist to see him or act like him! 

Tommaso is One of the best-known fashion star who keeps growing within the fashion system and entertainment.

Tommaso will share a live instagram video with CLEOFE FINATI on Sunday 7th April around 2.30 pm! Do not miss this opportunity!

Stefano Sala, the famous brand’s ambassador for CLEOFE FINATI together with the new handsome Cleofe Finati’ s brand’s ambassador Mattia Narducci will tell you what constitutes a dandy…. And they will teach you in 3 languages thanks to CLEOFE FINATI’s fashion experts! 

Tommaso was one of the most beloved protagonists of the last edition of Dance Dance Dance, broadcast on Fox Life. In 2018 he was engaged, as a competitor, in the successful reality show aired on Rai 2, Peking Express, a reality game show that follows a series of couples as they hitchhike to or from Beijing.

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