The waistcoat Cleofe Finati

The waistcoat Cleofe Finati

Nowadays as yesterday, elegance and style are proposed in one of the emblematic garment for the fashion company Archetipo, which 25 years ago has in fact started his long journey in high fashion, proposing hand painted waistcoats.

It becomes nowadays widely appreciated, the waistcoat is chosen and preferred by those who like a neat and elegant style. It differs from its “cousin” the vest, since this one is more suitable to be worn alone, without a jacket or a tie.

Many waistcoats, however, are taking a less formal and sophisticated style, thanks to the use of fantasies and colors, just like those of the Collections Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, so that they can also be worn alone, with a shirt and blue jeans, to create a more casual look.

When it is made from the same fabric of the suit, it becomes part of a three-piece suit and increases the formal style, but it should be remembered that it is worn strictly with single-breasted jackets and that the last button is never buttoned.

One of the reasons why all lovers of style and good taste prefer the collections Cleofe Finati by Archetipo is the ability to choose a unique and refined item that at the same time can be switched from elegant to casual by following few simple tips, as seen in “Restyle your Cleofe Finati suit” without renouncing to the excellence of the 100% Made in Italy.

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