The Prince of Wales: history of a cult

The Prince of Wales: history of a cult

The definition of the Prince of Wales was given to the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom.
In the ​​fashion field, however, when it comes to the Prince of Wales, we refer to the casual, elegant and squared fabric so loved by Edward VII, Prince of Wales, who transformed an old woolen fabric in a sort of Saxony style icon.

First of all I must be clear and say that the suit Prince of Wales, given its origins, is not a suit to use in formal events. This does not mean that we can not put it in the office, but it is less suitable for formal events.

The Prince of Wales, is in fact a suit generally considered for sport, which is paired with casual shoes, like suede, for example. Nevertheless, the complements like necktie and pocket square continue to be a must.

Cleofe Finati Interprets it with luminous and optical colors are Attracted and repulsed in a magic game of contrasts based upon calm alternated with notes of almond milk deep black.
Innovation and tradition sublimate ancient threads of raw silk, with an irregular and full-bodied aspect woven and skilfully treated to offer a surprising refraction of light and a swollen, full and compact stitch.
We are conquered by a new tactile experience, unusual for this silk known for its slippery and sagging stitch, while maintaining the refined freshness typical of this noble fibre.
Single-breasted jacket with three buttons, high lapel collar, jacket front with a rounded bottom formed by a wavy curved line, plain sleeves with high armholes, decorated by four buttons on the wrist with the first two holes open, patterned back, elegant length in a marvellous Prince of Wales jacket of 100% raw silk.
We observe the tie with seven folds, typical of the 1920s, belt and suspender enliven the outfit with blue petroleum pigments, dissolved in 100% silk satins, just as the applications of the neck and wrists that decorate the shirt in 100% cotton in elegant deep water blue. A blue handkerchief matched to the shirt brings out the second magenta handkerchief upon which we will sculpt our romantic rose jewel.

This type of fabric is becoming more and more visibility, but this is not the main reason to buy a dress Prince of Wales , as the latter will always be a classic must that will complement with the security set of clothes that already reside in your wardrobe.

Principe di galles duca windsor elia fongaro cleofe finati by archetipo 2016 fashion show1

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