The man of your dreams…

What kind of man do you want by your side? A man with a strong personality, a man with whom you often argue, but that makes you feel alive, or a romantic man who would do anything for you?
And you men, in which of these descriptions do you identify yourself most?

Song 1:
Great, great, great (Mina)
I have to fight with you
You cannot be taken as you are
Your flaws are so many
That even you do not know them all.
You are worse than capricious child
You always got to win,
You are the most selfish and bully man
Whom I have ever known.
But the good thing is that at the right moment
You are able to become another person
In an instant
You become great, great, great,
I can’t remember my sorrows anymore. (…)

Song: 2
When a man loves a woman (Percy Sledge/Michael Bolton)
When he held me in his arms
When he held me in his arms
He said baby, baby, baby
You’re the only one for me
When a man loves a woman
Can’t keep his mind on nothing else
He’ll trade the world for the good thing
He found, Yeah if she’s bad he can’t see it
She can do no wrong
Turn his back on his best friend if he put her down (…)

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