The Fall/winter 2015 tailoring guide: fabrics, colours and style

Now that we are close to the coldest days of winter, it is time to think about what to wear and how to wear it especially in terms of fabrics, colours and style. Here for you some style tips to consider for the intelligent choice of suits to wear for the fall and winter months to come.

Guida all'abito da uomo autunnoinverno 2015 tessuto, colore e stile

We start from the fabric. Before you think of the latest trends in men’s tailoring, you should consider the fundamental principles, which means to give due attention to the fabric the suits are made.
Considering the cold season, it is important to opt for a heavier cloth as your first line of defence against the shivers. This means that it is right to avoid light cotton and linen, opting for wool and warm cotton.
Why wool and warm cotton? Simply because as heavier materials, both offer optimal insulation when temperatures take a tumble. They also guarantee a hardier wear than lighter fabrics and are less prone to those annoyingly persistent creases and wrinkles that consistently crop up on fair-weather cotton and linen designs.
Now that we know what fabrics opt for, it’s time to think about colour. Here you can vary a lot: from the cult colours such as blue, black and dark gray, through pastel shades, up to the fall/winter fashion colors, as earth colors, which are made up of shades of dark gray, brown, gray, green, beige and burgundy.
To complete the look you can wear under thesuit a shirts with prints and geometric designs, all accompanied with a tote bag, sunglasses and sneakers.
For those who prefer to keep things a little more classic, throw a fine wool overcoat over your tailoring and round off your look with a pair of Oxfords or Derbies.

Guida all'abito da uomo autunnoinverno 2015 tessuto, colore e stile1

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