The cufflinks Cleofe Finati by Archetipo

The cufflinks Cleofe Finati by Archetipo

The cufflinks are the jewels per excellence that the groom should definitely wear, as they are critical and very important in order to complete the look of the suit.

We do not know specifically what are the origins of cufflinks, but the first records date back to the pre-Renaissance where their use had become a must among the English nobles; this fashion was then extended to France at the court of Versailles. During the nineteenth century the cufflinks were very popular as the cuffs of the shirts at the time were strongly rigid. Over time, the use of the cufflinks began to be associated exclusively to the ceremony or wedding gown, while in the 80’s are proposed for both the wedding ceremony and for the most elegant ones.

The element to have in order to wear them is obviously the shirt, which in this case will have a French cuff: a cuff that is twice the height of a normal and folds back on itself, presenting two slots in which to pass the cufflinks.

Cleofe Finati draws them in minimal and floral shapes, geometric cuts, going to meet the common sense and also the formal rules, also showing that extra touch that is in the care of every detail.
Color, fantasy, patterns of leaves and flowers: these are the protagonists of the cufflinks Cleofe Finati, who draw full inspiration from the designs used for the new collections. It is in this way that the classical cufflinks proposed by the Maison, there are also the most special and colored one of the Luxury Collection.

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