The collections Cleofe Finati 2018

The collections Cleofe Finati 2018

For the collections 2018, Cleofe Finati presents ànemos.

“Ànemos is at the same time “Breath” and “wind”, is the vital and spiritual side of the individual, living, breathing, is the expression of the essence of a personality that is generated between the spirit and the individual”

The Mood
An overall feeling of authenticity envelopes the season of Cleofe Finati, as we observe the development of themes that focus on the re-emergence of hand-crafted, analogue processes. A heightened interest in textile design sees a continued exploration of texture, whether through authentically hand-woven fabrics, crèpe weaves or simple laundered finishes; few surfaces appear flat or untouched. Where textured weaves are replaced by smoother, sports inspired fabrics, prints with a fluid or mottled appearance take over. Organic neutral shades of off-white and clay grey are layered with vegetable hues ranging from died sage to varying tones of terracotta and saffron.

The maison haute couture for the 2018 collections continues its flourishing international expansion, bringing the wonder of the collections Cleofe Finati in the Spanish market.
The company 100% Made in Italy, today leaders in 12 countries with its own fashion collections for groom, has already selected its partners for its entry into the Spanish market.

The inclusion in the Spanish market began with the trunk shows held at Josefina Huerta, one of the selling points of Cleofe Finati into Iberian market who have chosen to marry and spread the excellence and the style 100% Made in Italy of the Maison Haute Couture, focused on the new collections Cleofe Finati 2017.

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