The braces: a must have in the groom’s outfit

The braces: a must have in the groom’s outfit

The braces, presented nowadays in different forms, variants and materials, have existed for about 300 years. They appear for the first time during the French Revolution, and were used to support long pants without buttons.
Current models were invented in 1822 by Albert Thurston, and have been adopted in the men’s fashion between the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

The braces are a fashion accessory more and more popular, even in the fashion groom and ceremony.
In fact, they are an element to be included in the arsenal of a well tailored suit for grooms on their wedding day, which often complete and enrich the total look of the suit.
Braces are not all the same, they can be in different materials, colors and patterns, so, before you add them as a functional accessory to your wedding suit, there are a few thing to know and consider in order to make the right choice for you.
There are braces that in their final part of the eyelets to be hooked to the buttons of pants, and others that have the clips. A groom for his wedding, always wears braces that can be fastened with buttons, in fact, those with clips, are an easy and casual choice.

The braces are also available in different materials: from the elastic fibers in gros-grain, silk and even leather.
Definitely for a ceremony, the right choice is made of silk.
For the fantasy and the color is based on personal taste, remembering always that they have to be in line with the style of the suit.
For the look of a groom, match your groom or wedding suit with a pair of suspenders in classic color or totally contrasting like red or yellow.

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