The best store windows featuring Cleofe Finati

Dear Readers of Archetipo Blog, have you ever been shopping in the Netherlands?

Today we bring you with us on a travel to The Hague, the third most important city in the country, where our partner store Dressmen Den Haag has just set up its store windows displaying the wonderful new Cleofe Finati Collections by Archetipo.

Let’s enter the store and have a tour of the store area dedicated to Cleofe Finati collections. We can enjoy the uniqueness of each suit, touch the precious fabrics, imagine ourselves dressed in those fabulous garments, and – why not? – even try on a few.

We all know: when you mind-travel time flies and soon it gets dark in The Hague, the sun sets, but we see that Dressmen Den Haag’s store windows are awesome also lighted up at night!

Have a safe travel back to reality…and if you feel like visiting the store in person, here you can find all Dressmen Den Haag’s contact info:

Dressmen Den Haag Herenmode
Laan van Meerdervoort 25B – 2517 AC Den Haag
Tel. 070 365 92 90
Sito web:
Facebook: Bruidspaleis

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