The best store windows featuring Cleofe Finati

Today our Blog goes to visit a store and friend of the Archetipo’s fashion house: Atelier Sposa d’Este, in Padova.

The special atmosphere of the holiday season begins to be felt in the streets of Padova, but to make it more magic and elegant are definitely the stars of the windows of Atelier Sposa d’Este: the suits Cleofe Finati by Archetipo! The preciousness of the materials that make up the tissues, the refinement of the details and the stylistic harmony of the whole, would let dream to anyone to find under the Christmas tree a suit of the Cleofe Finati by Archetipo’s collection!

The care with which Sposa d’Este has set up its store windows offers a taste of the professional service that you can find inside the atelier offered by the owner Paolo Pietrogrande and its qualified staff!

The store window of Atelier Sposa d’Este shows a suit of the “Marsina Line” inspired to the end of the nineteenth, early twentieth century.
The line and the choice of materials of this suit interpret the passion of the well-dressed dandy, “the spirit of this new version”, sheer elegance of details that offer refined elegance.
Let’s look at the beautiful line of the front of this very “slim” jacket and the very high shoulder (narrow with inverted sleeve head), high armhole and simple sleeve, Stuart “imitation single-breasted” collar, look at the beauty and the momentum that it gives the body, a momentum that becomes pure magic, and the pleat high on the back of the jacket. The beauty of the fabric, a comfort satin with flower pattern that plays with black and blue tones.
This is a suit that offers beauty, perfect stylistic proportions and pure craftsmanship in its difficult and somewhat sought after construction.

The other suits are of the Luxury line inspired to dandy of the twentieearly twentieth century: the today’s modern Chaplin.
Completely innovative model, Charlie Chaplin’s jacket, who wrote “a day without laughter is a day lost”. Irony, play, absolute elegance in this suit that is a true avant-garde marriage between a story told and the trends of 2015. The very short jacket is the height of fashion. Let’s take a look at the high waist, the detail of the pocket positioned to emphasize the body, the front of the jacket is not fitted, with a line that can be worn buttoned up (only the first button) or completely open.
A play on the interlacing of curved lines that highlight the figure of the wearer.

Today we offer you just a taste of the windows of the store, but we invite you to go in person to the store to live on your skin and feel the charm of the collections 2015 Cleofe Finati by Archetipo.


Sposa d’Este Via M. d’Azeglio, 12/14 35042 Este – Padova
Tel. e Fax: 0429 3167
Facebook: Sposa d’Este

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