The best store windows featuring Cleofe Finati

Today Archetipo Blog arrives at the door of Padua (Italy). In Este, in the naturalistic frame drawn by the Euganean Hills, there is another magical retail store of Cleofe Finati Collections by Archetipo.

The history of the Group is written by the talent of who has led it over the years. Since 1991 Paolo Pietrogrande, owner of Uomo D’Este, dresses his grooms by interpreting their personality and ambitions.

“It’s Class that distinguishes yourself and, in the most important moments in your life, it merges with your emotions and makes you the happiest person on earth, ready to welcome every wonderful thing that is about to happen to you…” – states Uomo D’Este’s Team.

The success that the Group has achieved over the years has been crowned with the introduction in the store of the charming Cleofe Finati Collections by Arcehtipo.

Today we just offer you a taste of the store windows designed by the store Staff, whose creativity and style don’t have any limits. But we invite you visit the store, to personally experience the magic of Cleofe Finati 2014 Collections by Archetipo, and get the assistance of Uomo D’Este’s professional Staff for finding the total look that best suits your character.

Info and appointments:

Uomo D’este
Via Massimo D’Azeglio 30
35042 Este (PD)
Sito web:
Facebook: Uomo D’Este

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