The best store windows featuring Cleofe Finati

Cleofe Finati collections could not be missing in the store windows of Patric Boutique – L’Habilleur des Hommes Magnifiques.

The store in Seclin (France) has dedicated its windows to a masterpiece of the 2014 collections: the golden hues of the Image Line suit by Cleofe Finati are recalled by the fine Christmas decorations welcoming the customers into the store.

In the picture, we introduce you monsieur Patric, owner of the boutique, and his colleague Wesley. Don’t hesitate to contact them for a visit to the store. Their professionalism and passion for the men’s formal wear field will be at your complete disposal. If you need advice to find the total look that best suits you, or if you are simply curious to discover the world of Cleofe Finati groom collections you can refer to:

Patric Boutique
1 Boulevard Joseph Hentges
59113 Seclin (France)
Tel. +33 (0)3 20 90 00 30

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