The best store windows featuring Cleofe Finati

If we had to use one single word to describe the emotion of entering Gaggioli Sposi store, no doubt it would be ‘discovery’.

The space layout of Gaggioli Sposi is indeed brilliant. The store – which opened last October as the first single brand retailer of the Cleofe Finati collections by Archetipo in Italy – at a first sight shows only one facet, but then fans out unveiling infinite other sides. Let’s see together how this is true…

Upon arrival, the store windows convey that special balance of spaces that distinguishes the store, offering already a graphic taste of the Cleofe Finati collections that will be found inside.

When entering the store, the eye is caught by the big screen showing the video of the fashion show presenting the new Cleofe Finati collections. Gaggioli Sposi Team well understood that the shopping experience is changing and the use of audio-video media is more and more crucial for involving the customer on a journey across the groom collections.

We also notice the harmonious, rational layout, the careful light- and color effects, and the modern furniture.

An impatient customer may ask: And the suits? Where are they? It is now that the discovery process mentioned above reaches its peak. The sliding panels will show the customer the Cleofe Finati suits based on his own personality. Gaggioli Sposi’s offers vary depending on whether you feel like a classic groom, a fashion groom, a prince, or a modern-protagonist.

Visiting Gaggioli Sposi is an emotional experience. If you too are a soon-to-be groom or if you are simply interested in living a unique shopping experience, don’t hesitate to contact the store. The tight-knit and professional Staff of Gaggioli Sposi will welcome you, listen to your needs and ambitions and introduce you the Cleofe Finati suits that fit you best.

Gaggioli Sposi
Via Cassia Nord 22/s – 01100 Viterbo (Italy)
Tel. 0761-352901
Mob. 328-3177382
Facebook: Gaggioli Sposi

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